Words that haunt and sting. Unappreciated efforts. I tried my best to meet the Thursday deadline as stressed by you, with all my determined soul... only to submit to my weaker physique. Then in the midst of nausea and an ensuing crushing migraine, I get turned upon and blamed for irresponsibility? I choke back tears. Why do I feel like nothing I do is ever going to right?

Queen of attention to details, questioning my intentions each time I fail. I signed up for a great deal more than I can handle.

There are days
when I feel
The best of me
is ready to begin (the end)
Then there's (the) days
when I feel
I'm letting go
and soaring on the wind
'Cause I've learned in laughter or in pain
How to survive!

I get on my knees!
There I am before the Love
That changes me
See I don't know how
But there's power
When I'm on my knees

something to make you guys laugh. It sure brought a smile to my twack face. (click on image to enlarge)

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n. said...

i empathise. chin up. i may not know you, but i believe you are more than you think you are. have a good day! :)