date nights


'Let's make it a date on Thursday night then?', I question with a arch of my eyebrow.

'But I'm your mum, why do I have to set a date with you?'


At the end of the night, I have to admit that I enjoyed myself thoroughly. One night per week of good food, curious table conversation and plenty of spontaneous laughter; what better way to start a weekend? Shall I push a proposition forward? Dear mum, let's make it a weekly ritual! Yes/No?


After hearing her less than discreet comment about her cravings for Spanish paella; a shrill scream targeted at the wall whilst she twirled her hair in her bedroom. I came to a conclusion, that women needed her Spanish food. Being the food advocate that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to try out the new Spanish joint near our place, Don Quijote. After hearing numerous good comments of the standard of authentic Spanish cuisine served up by the restaurant, I was pumped.

Note to oneself and to others keen at dining in this restaurant, do remember to make a reservation or risk being turned down at the door whilst staring venomously at a empty restaurant tainted with reserved signs on every single table. *bitch* Yes, they are that popular. Fortunately, we were the only patrons to walk in without a reservation and still get a table. Being early does have it's benefits.


We started off the Spanish experience with a complimentary basket of warm bread and a dish of garlic butter. Apart from the bread not being sliced through completely, I was riding on a good impression, instigated by the atmospheric decor and intimate settings.

After much debate and frustration, we decided on a couple of hot tapas dishes to compliment our final order of squid ink seafood paella.

Setas al Ajillo - garlic fried mixed mushrooms

Chorizo Asado - barbequed chorizo sausage

Conchas del Peregrino - scallop shells filled with scallop and crab meat in a bechamel sauce


The garlic fried mushrooms were excellent in my opinion. Well seasoned and the chef's generous hand of masala wine adding a subtle bitter dimension that highlighted the earthiness of the fresh mushrooms.

Chorizo! What's a visit to a Spanish joint without a taste of the traditional Spanish sausauge. Distinctively red in color from the addition of smoked red peppers, these sausages can prove to quite a spicy treat.


The last tapas dish arrived together with our seafood paella. This came across as rather peculiar, the bechamel sauce not presented as I would have expected, baked off till it's usual creamy experience came across as a crisp crust almost akin to a coconut crusted treat. I was not impressed by the overall texture of the scallop/crabmeat cake, dry and almost like a potato croquette, that was injustice done to the lovely scallop.

That being said, our eyes light up at the black goodness of the squid ink paella served in the traditional paellera. Intensely black in all ways, every grain of rice gleaming with moistness, we knew we were in for a treat. And we smiled through black-stained teeth, a kind of smile that said a million good things. It was terrific.. think flavorful rice done al dente, shelled prawns and delicious morsels of squid. Extraordinary flavors for a seemingly simple dish. I would return just for the paella anytime!


And to end off the night on a sweet note, we hopped next door to udders for some ice cream! Rum Rum raisin for the old lady and Snickers Honeycomb Mars Vanilla for me. That being said, I was staring curiously at one of the girls behind the sales counter. With a tiny sample spoon at hand, she was passing occasional digs at the ice cream whilst on the job. *moanz*. Benefits of working in an ice cream shop. Then, a passing cloud of happy kappy moments, littered with sweet indulgence a flushing of cream dreams floods over me. What if... ?

Damm...why can't I push away these amaturish thoughts?


Don Quijote
17 Lorong Kilat, #01-09
Singapore 598139
Tel: (+65) 6465 1811
Fax: (+65) 6465 2114

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