Let me make this clear


to the many people who have stuck by me despite my peculiar styles of reciprocation of love. for all the cold front that I put up, I am bound to the magnitude of your love and generosity. Perhaps God put your guys in place to remind me that he's got his hand on my shoulder every time I turn my back on him.

Love, my adversary and ally. I embrace you with a single tear. Decisions, let's drive some nails into the boards. Move on.

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YoungThunder said...

Hey there, i stumbled across your blog awhile back and its been an amazing read. This might sound strange coming from a stranger but its obvious you are a strong faithful individual so let me just give you what little support i can by saying that you will find someone important to you whom you can depend upon for the rest of your life. Keep a lookout cause he might come from an unexpected area in your life, but while you're at it, keep chasing your dream. God bless