Potato Head Folk: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Potato Head Folks needs no introduction. A huge cloud of media banter rising from the dust weeks before it's opening here in Singapore. Indonesian brand Potato Head, known for their unorthodox operations in Bali has quite a following. With that, the launch of their local outpost builds a flutter of anticipation in me, especially so since one of the gentrifying factors of their multi storey complex alone Keong Saik features a burger joint.

Potato Head Folks is an interesting premise - a Bohemian flower child space with butterfly and bird motifs, inspiration from Melbourne-bourne artist David Bromley. His obsession with little prepubescent boys puts me on edge, bordering near paedophilia disorders. But that aside, it's rebellious and showy interior paves the way for some great food.

Featuring a menu from Three Buns with its kitchen planted on the ground floor, Potato Head Folks pull out all the stops with a devoted menu of hearty burgers and naughty sides accompanied by a mix of devilish drinks. Roping in Chef Adam Penney, the previous Head Chef from London's Patty and Bun , our expectations have now exceeded the roof. 

From the list of "Jerk Cocktails", we sampled the Mexican Mule ($15), a refreshing mix of cimarron blanco tequila with lime and ginger beer, the good dose of tequila, a sturdy work horse in the background as the conjugal bliss of tangy lime and candied ginger provided that 'ka-pow' effect similar to a donkey's sidekick. Paying homage to their Indonesian roots is the Albens Fine English Cider ($14), brewed in the Alben cider factory and bottled at Molly Malones in Jakarta, this is as honest as it gets. Clear pale golden, this cold filtered cider is clean and spritzy with sweet notes of green apples. Perfect after the walk in the sweltering heat. 

I ditch the fancier versions in favor of the basic burger, Baby Huey ($20), prime 150g beef patty, stacked with cheese, lettuce, notorious T.O.M sauce, pickles and spiced mayo. A simple convening of well executed items that cumulates in a smackdown when first bitten into. Special mentions going out to the artisanal breads that are all baked in house ( i did notice that my friend's Burning Man burger had a different rendition with a more wholemeal like bun, so again, hats off to the kitchen for taking the extra effort). The beef patty renders a burst of juices from it's larger ground size and level of doneness. This for me, was my answer to the replacement for Mary's on local grounds...

Potato Head Folks do feature some other more interesting spaces on the upper decks should you want to linger. The third floor is home to a more intimate, reservations only bar where future plans for small plates, vintage spirit tastings are still in the works. Climb another flight of stairs and you'll find yourself in an oasis of fragrant herbs and exotic flora, a modern rooftop bar exuding tropical vibes and dishing up tiki cocktails created by Dre Masso.

As for me, my passion is solely focused on that burger joint. I will be back to try that Honky-Tonk soon!

Three Buns by Potato Head Folks
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
Tel: +65 6327 1939 (no reservations policy)

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