Anjali Chocolat: Where Passion translates into bon bons.

Hidden away in the corner of the tangle of interweaving shop spaces of the Pasar Bella market is the new shop offering a neat selection of chocolates, pralines and bonbons. Behind Anjali Chocolat, is lady boss Anjali and her supportive husband who together have decided to open up a Chocolatier to fuel her passion and love for this luxury good.

Made from Belgian couverture, consumers are guaranteed a spike in quality, further enhanced by the creative juices of Anjali as she injects bits and pieces of herself and her vivid travel and living experiences from around the world into the flavors of the chocolate. Her exposure to a large hotpot of cultures clearly evident in her inspired use of a wide variety of spices and fruits in her pralines.

After a good amount of sacrilegious feasting on chocolates and a glass of sparkling white to top off the experience; I had gathered a list of chocolates that had caught my fancy. The Lemon White Chocolate Pistachio with it's pristine slick sides and marbled green top managed to balance out the slightly medicinal pistachio with a subtle tang from the lemon, the sweetness of the white chocolate carrying it home. The exotic Fig and Ginger Truffle resulting in an explosion in the mouth with the crunch of the fig seeds combined with the sugary hit of warmth from the candied ginger. A match made in heaven and delivered with strong persuasive powers. Worth lusting for is the Coffee Star Anise Bonbon; if you enjoy your liquorice (or Sambuca in my case), this chocolate delivers on every front, the star anise not as pungent as most would anticipate, but more subtle and almost mysterious. That aside, the fruit flavored bonbons failed to meet the mark, the strawberry and raspberry pate de fruit in both instances, represented by clumsy layers within the pralines. More attention to detail needed in this case.

In line with Diwali, Anjali Chocolatier has launched a list of attractive seasonal flavors which is not available for ordering. On hindsight, who doesn't like receiving chocolate? Whatever the occasion may be, chocolates will always win you some favors. So what are you waiting for?

Anjali Chocolat
200 Turf Club Road
t: 9853 9663

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