Rise and Grind Co: Is it time for brunch yet?

There is a lot going on at Rise and Grind Co, a slightly claustrophobic yet seemingly cosy space in a boxed up settings just a literal, stone's throw away from the main plaza. In this space, the kitchen takes precedence with an endless bustle of activity behind stove tops, and the smell of fresh ground coffee adrift. Dishes meander between wildly innovative and 'the safe choice' with a particular homage paid to Asian cuisine. 

As most of you would already know, Rise and Grind Co. is one of those cafes which I would never bad mouth. Cussing under my breathe at the numerous pop-ups that have proven to be empty vessels financed by carbon copied concepts, brilliant decor and not so outstanding fare that leaves a burrow in your wallet whilst digging deep for reasons to make a return visit. Thankfully, Rise and Grind Co falls out of that category, settling in a particularly fond nook and cranny of my heart. 

Because of my rather spaced out visits, reading the menu for the first time is always a fascinating experience as the kitchen tends to churn out new dishes every now and then to titillate its' regulars taste buds. The Pulled Pork Burger ($18) is one of them. Slow cooked pork shoulder, succulent with a slight caramelised sweetish facade, none of that stringy dried nonsense present,  is paired with good ole coleslaw and an oddballish dense bagel like bun which worked to its advantage since it possess a firewall like quality to the onslaught of juices. This playful dish is fantastic - rich, savoury and fragrant - a best fit for brunch.

Not so new is their Chili crab linguine ($16) - blue swimmer crab tossed in chili tomato sauce, spring onion pesto. Rise and Grind Co. does a pretty spiffy version of the local fusion dish albeit the sauce being just a teensie bit too coagulated and lacking the usual fluffiness you get in a true blooded variant from a zi char stall. A tomato based chili sauce form s the base of the arrabiatta inspired pasta, which could have honestly used a heavier hit of chili to rev up the palate. Still, this gussied up version of the usual is one for those days that all things are going haywire.

If you've got a fondness for eggs (like me!), then heed my advice and make a beeline for the [NEW] Hei Amigo ($16) or the [EVEN NEWER] Goodfellas. The former is a winsome combination of chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, tortilla, cheddat cheese, sauteed wild mushrooms, guacamole, tomato salsa, pickled onions and Greek yogurt - a truly busy plate, that comes together, naturally. Instagram worthy? You bet your bottom dollar, it is. But as a 'victim' of trial and error for the newest addition to the menu, you're better off loading up on the less picturesque Goodfellas - strips of parma ham, sunny side up egg, pomegranate seeds with a magical dusting of olive powder and flanking of charred heirloom peppers over sourdough make for a simple yet utterly gratifying experience.

Come lunch time, the menu transits from egg haven to a smorgasbord of comfort food ranging from burgers to heftier pasta dishes. The Linguine allo Scoglio ($17) is a reflection of the culinary pedigree backing this place. A classic seafood pasta tossed in spicy tomato sauce, this is unadulterated pleasures that I've come to appreciate much better than the fancier versions such as the Tom Yum and Chili Crab. Reinforced with largely fresh and turgid seafood doused in slightly sweet and herbaceous tomato sauce, this is one dish to tuck into when the waistline allows.

And perhaps, if your morning hangover is a little stronger than usual, an order of the carefully crafted piccolo latte should suffice. This is where Rise and Grind Co. makes the most sense - creative comfort food on a breezy Sunday morning, where a bit of Ocean's Thirteen - beetroot yogurt mopped up with slices of smoked salmon makes everything right in the world.

Rise and Grind Co.
Bukit Timah Plaza
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
t: 9154 8550

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 9pm
Fri: 10am - 10pm
Sat: 9am - 10pm
Sun: 9am - 9pm

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