[NEW] The Wall: pairs sumiyaki with wall to wall of Whisky

'They packed up in here wall to wall' - now, that would be an understatement.

The newest kid on the Tanjong Pagar road, The Wall, expounds its beliefs in breaking down 'walls' and pre-notions to the the concept of whisky drinking in Singapore.

You enter the warmly lit bar and walk through what is suddenly a stunning juxtaposition of conservation shophouse brickwall on one side, and a striking floor-to-ceiling collection of whiskys on the other. It's a gorgeous room and all you'll want to do is sink into an armchair with a solidly built dram in your hand. Unfortunately, you won't find that here, the elimination of clichéd scenes of whisky drinkers wrapped in mists of cigar smoke in private rooms presents the opposite truth here -The Wall hosts a typical bar set-up with high stools and a rather excellent bartender behind the counter, willing to transform your choice of whisky into a quintessentially urban imbibe experience that most regular whisky lounges don't provide.

The Wall's exuberance extends to  its rare bottle collection including the Yamazaki 50 years distilled in 1961, The Macallan 1948 Select Reserve, The Black Bowmore 1st release (that recently fetched S$7500 at an auction) and many other rare karuizawas. These are well tucked away in glass cabinets spanning the space for your visual appreciation.

Two selling points about The Wall's approachable stance on whisky appreciation are first and foremost, the collection of independent bottled whiskies, showcased mostly by S Spirits Shop Selection for now. Whiskies bottled at cask strength display a full flavor as it is usually not diluted. Though this may not be the case any more with distilleries striving for consistency and are a bit more wary not to tarnish their reputations. Still, the flights on offer at The Wall are handsomely attractive and I would strongly suggest you enquire for the Adventure Whisky Flight ($83). Paired with 4 sticks of sumiyaki for just $12!

The Wall has got their whiskies right. The Tobermory 1994 'Dragon rising up to the Heaven' casked in sherry has a wonderful fresh almond like aroma on the nose and matches well with the Tsukune Chicken ball which is stuffed with yuzu peels and cartilage for that sublime crunch. Looking deceptively meek is the Tobermory 1994 'Look out for something - Cat' aged in bourbon cask. It pours a deep gold and pairs nicely with the tebasaki chicken wing with a sweet sticky glaze adhering to its hide, it's succulent flesh the wonderful product of being seasoned with whisky. Next up in the line-up of 20ml drams is the Bunnahabhain 2007 'Silence as the Language to depict the Nature' Hogshead cask featuring a black and white photo sketched by contemporary Korean artist Yu Kyung Hwa. The tranquil yet somewhat sterile depiction describing the straightforward tipple imprinted with slight notes of honey and vanilla. My favourite of the lot had to be the Bunnahabhain 1989 Tiger; it's well-balanced peated structure infused with tones of musky ripened fruits exuded a compelling note of nutty maltiness that made it almost irresistible.

If you're looking for a good, introductory drink to start off your first experience at the wall, fret not. head honcho Jeremie Tan is the best man for the job. He demonstrates his ability to improvise (the alarming collection of ingredients ranging from peanut butter to honey planted on the bar top divulging the bar's kookiness in the creative department). We got to try his Pop my Cherry cocktail. Chocolate liquer and Tiger's Eye whisky incite excitement as it meets a dash of egg white before hitting the shaker. This drink will be available throughout Singapore Cocktail Festival 2017 16th to 21st March, alongside a epic line-up of guest shifts. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details!
Miso Nachos - an ode to the regular nacho dip with a sort of a meat ragu boosted by salted bean. Addictive stuff

Cocktails and whisky flights aside, The Wall also offers diners a modest selection of sumiyaki items, churned out from their small-scale kitchen housed in the back. Most of it is spotlessly correct, allowing the ingredients and the drink it's meant to imbibed with, to shimmer. The Grilled Marinated Puffer Fish is an interesting mix of flavors that contrast the delicate nature of puffer dish and a sticky, slightly spicy glaze that makes for an addictive snack. We also love the juicy Hotate Bacon, though we found the mother glaze to be just a tad too salty.

Whisky Sour with Rebel Yell
Hotate Bacon
Pop My Cherry - special #SGCF2017 cocktail

Overall, The Wall's whisky selection is a charter for even the devoted connoisseurs who want variety. Whether you're hunting for a quiet drink on your own or keen on catching up with friends; The Wall offers a plethora of potent tipples that is befitting of most occasions.

The Wall
76 Tanjong Pagar Road
t: 6225 7988

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 3 30pm - 11pm

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