[NEW] Sweetfish: Hits the Sweet Spot with their Poke Bowls

Let's lay it all out on the table shall we. I am probably the most stoic character you'll know, where the subject of poke bowls are concerned. I look to my colleagues in dismay when they foot $18 to get a bowl of pathetically portioned fish cubes tossed in too much marinade parked over plain white rice, which may have been packed steaming hot in some instances. Deadly sin there and might I add, it irks me that joints touting this fad food be popping up like rabid bunnies all over the island.

Then came along Sweetfish, which may have just successfully flipped the switch on my cruel and cynical mentality. Californian inspired instead of the usual Hawaiian ahi poke influenced, it's frankly much healthier and fresher in vibes with each order being marinaded to order.

Ordering woes are kept minimal with just 6 signature bowls carefully crafted to suit a large array of personal preferences. Better yet, the two sizes on offer ($9 for hungry and $14 for starving) ease the process. The ' Starving' portion of Hawaiian original Tuna and Salmon mix really hitting it off with the fuel tormented gut, result of the frivolous night before, don't ask. Just the right amount of shoyu had been added, not enough to deny the freshness of the dish nor tilt the delicate balance of sweet rice. A little glug of sesame oil brings the dish into familiar territory while garnishes like edmame, shitake and chuka salad don't crowd the bowl but boost it with textural contrast.

The Roasted Sesame Salmon ($9) remains my favourite. The joint obviously understanding my obsession with pouring goma dressing gregariously over my salad; mixing in considerable amounts of sesame dressing into the salmon chunks for a huge hit of creaminess, side-tracked a little with a slight hint of spiciness to keep you on your toes.

Aside from the regular, the brand stays close to familiar flavors such as wasabi mayo and sweet yuzu cream. For something a little more striking, get the Kimchi Octopus ($9), a compelling mixture of kimchi, red radishes, soy bean sprouts and  tender octopus brings to mind a typical Korean dish albeit ridden of the overly sweetened roots. Tobiko and cucumbers complete the fiery red combination. One to have if you prefer your food a little more heavily spiced.

For a five-star start to your weekend, head down to newly opened Sweetfish, located conveniently at the basement of Capitol Piazza for your quick fix. Best thing is, it won't cost you a bomb to eat healthily. How about that now?

13 Stamford Road
Capitol Piazza

Cityhall MRT exit D

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am - 8pm
Sat- Sun: Halfday (will be updated)

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