The Disgruntled Brasserie: Bellyaching meals guaranteed

This buzzy all-dayer has the smooth and swanky feel of a private member's club, but the food of your favourite British auntie, albeit swooshed up a nosh in terms of presentation. The menu features an array of dishes, ranging from small plates to larger full sized portions to encourage flexibility and communal dining; and that is precisely what you witness when dining at The Disgruntled Brasserie - large groups or passably comfy setups of quartets bent over a plethora of dishes, passing it along in a convivial atmosphere.

If you like something with a sunny disposition to start off the meal, the Home-cured Salmon ($16++) is pretty solid. Gravlax sprawled out in horseradish buttermilk is enjoyed with pickled cucumber and red radish flowers. The modern accents on this traditional starter, indeed a refreshing way to kick off the dining experience.
Gruyere Cheese Souffle
The diet will hit the road jack with the Gruyere Cheese Souffle ($16++) - a bit leftfield but oh so good with caramelised onions and chardonnay fondue for some major hits of sophistication in this light and fluffy concoction.

The kitchen rustles up other small plates like the Escargot Tarte Flambee ($16++), an Alsatian classic that manages on a white bechamel base sauce - perfect with that pint of cold beer at sunset. They do point out the Foie Gras and Peanut butter Miso ($18++) configuration; the presentation is rad, but this could have a been a bit more cohesive with blackcurrant gel and other elements doing a tighter tango. But as far as procession of plates go, this luxe combination is culpable of stealing ones breath away. 
Escargot Tarte Flambee
Next up, the larger plates. the Pan-Roasted Barramundi ($24++) is anything but basic. The cured seaweed potato hash forming an insulation between air and the solid crisp pan-seared skin. The thick slab of fish roasted in tender submission and best mopped through the egg-yolk hued warm tartare sauce.

The Carbonara Taglierini ($24++) leaves a lasting impression, it comes with a sit-up-and-pay-attention-to-me trio of meats, streaky back bacon, Farmer's smoked bacon and Kurobuta Ham. If this is your idea of a kid-friendly option, boy is your 6-year old in for a treat. Then, there is the parmigiano reggiano crusted egg that anoints the pile with an extra touch of lavishness when sliced into. Too many carbonaras out there are too basic, just a load of undercooked strands, cream (oh the audacity), cheap cheese and not much else. This one has complexity and depth. Kudos.
Carbonara Taglierini
Pan Roasted Barramundi

The good scenario persists with the Iberico Pork Collar ($32++), tender pork collar enhanced by Jerusalem artichoke puree and peaks of caraway milk poached caramelised cabbage. This was undersold by just a wee bit stingy amount of star anise jus drizzled over the dish (more please!). That aside, the protein, meaty and moist begged to be dived into.

L: Foie Gras and Peanut Butter Miso; R: Iberico Pork Collar
L: Bailey's Creme Caramel; R: Lemon Curd
Desserts come across as expensive after-thoughts. Sure they do provide a welcome relief in contrast to the prequel of contemporary but immensely palate-heavy courses; but in all honesty, you're better giving these a miss and scooting off down the road to Nutmeg and Clove in such a sweet shaken tipple after.

The Lemon Curd ($16++) is my favourite of the trio sampled. Lemon curd, biscuit, wild berries, vanilla chantilly and a very refreshing shiso leaf ice cream helped to cleanse the palate after the very lardaceous affair of Iberico pork collar. The Chocolate Fondant ($18++) threads on weak grounds with a chewy crust possibly from a error with the recipe that called for much less processed sugar than used. That pistachio ice cream tho, that gave it an upper hand.

Do keep a look out for The Disgruntled Brasserie's new 5-course weekend brunch menu, to be launched in April. Priced at a very attractive $48++ per person, that's an almost unbeatable deal. Foot an addition $38++ per person and Sunday fun-day is almost guaranteed with an endless deluge of prosecco, wines, beers and juices.

Chocolate Fondant
The Disgruntled Brasserie
The Club
28 Ann Siang Road
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Operating Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 7am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 7am - 12am

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