Pepper Lunch launches new multi-sensory dishes

It all started with a humble takeaway lunch of grilled chicken rice entry on Instagram that sparked off the start of this campaign with Pepper lunch. It is with no shame to announce that I've always been a closet fan of Pepper lunch and its affordable meal options touting a healthy meat to carb ratio (as all of you know, I'm very much a carnivore 80% of the time), and to add to the pageantry of the dining experience, that hot plate which evokes certain nostalgic vibes.

This mid of year 2017, Pepper Lunch pushed out new sizzles to whet the evolving taste buds of its customers. From risottos to carbonara and curry rice, their expanded repertoire definitely piqued the picky likes of me and I was more than happy to be able to taste the entire flight in a single session.

Here's the scoop.

Of course there would be meat. And Pepper Lunch caters to the heavy hitters, (like me), with their Meat Trio deluxe ($16.90).  Visually arresting, the smells emitted as the meat cooks on the hot plate is unbelievable. With the blink of an eye, the tender BBQ beef slices are cooked and a beautiful sear emerges on the hamburg steak and juicy chicken steak.

On the flip side, for the seafood lovers, there's the Seafood Trio Deluxe ($17.90) combining the triple threat of salmon steak, Saba and succulent Japanese scallops. The food doesn't come in costume and there's no need to as well since the produce is sufficiently fresh, with the scallops still with frills attached. Nothing more than a bowl of rice is needed to accompany this humble assortment. It is becoming evident that the kitchen folk of Pepper lunch have lofty aims to shift their customers attention to the beauty and simplicity of fresh produce. 

Still, you're waiting for pasta. And it arrives looking all but a little dry till the emergence of the accompanying carbonara and egg sauce is poured onto the hot plate with sizzling theatrics to follow. The Carbonara ($12.90)  in its finale stage is an eye-catching dish, made even better with flecks of hand-grinded black pepper that one can add on your own accord. Follow the instructions card closely, making sure to work the sauce and coat each strand of pasta with its richness whilst gently tossing the pasta to allow for the heat from the hot plate to reduce the sauce. It's fool proof, moreover, the hands-on experience allows for more Instagram worthy shots to be captured along the way.

The verdict: The creamy jargon is satisfying and easy on the wallet. The generous serving of prawn and salmon chunks together with cheesy pasta is substantial enough to sate the city's hungriest fat cat.

I furtively wished I had slipped on my fat pants instead as I plowed my way through the Mixed Katsu Toji ($13.90); variety is the spice of life here as diners get to alternate between protein choices of golden fried chicken cutlet, fried ebi and beef slices sizzled with scrambled eggs. It's a protein nirvana and superbly nutritious accompanied with a bowl of rice. The details are good where it matters, the toji sauce, just the right amount of sweetness to enhance the coagulated egg mixture that has sizzled it's way to bubbly perfection amidst the nooks and crannies. 

Should you move past the creamy renditions of dishes at Pepper Lunch, there's the curry rice options that we guarantee to bamboozle even the strictest of food nazis. There just arise times when comfort food is in order and the dishes from Pepper Lunch do deliver on all fronts. The two new varietals to make the list include the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice ($12.90) and the Ebi Fry Curry Rice ($12.90); true that they aren't revelations in terms of flavour matching, but the overall amalgamation of fruit-sweetened Japanese curry with tender crusted protein is infallibly irresistible. I much prefer the chicken katsu option, the substantial serving of perfectly cooked, golden crusted chicken flanked by mushrooms and corn stewed in sizzling curry will chase away  a good range of blues ranging from Mondays to post-trauma at work and more.

Pepper Lunch obviously has strong appeal within it's young customer base. With the new menu featuring fancier options, this will attract customers of all ages to partake in their hot plate offerings.

In collaboration with Pepper Lunch, I will be offering an exclusive discount of 15% off any Ala carte dish to all my readers. Simply quote 'SIHAN' at any of the Pepper Lunch restaurants before ordering. Promotion is valid till 30th September 2017.

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