Song Garden - Custard Salted Egg Lava Mooncakes to die for

Missed out on the early bird discounts for mooncakes?
Have no time to visit the mooncake fair?
Fretting over which mooncake to purchase for the family (without burning a huge hole in your wallet)?

Then you had better heed my advice and head down to Song Garden located on the 2nd floor of Mercure Singapore Bugis to get in on their mooncake selection. The emphasis on the traditional baked mooncakes a refreshing respite from the peculiarities of this year's snow skin offerings from various establishments touting strange flavours such as tom yum, pink peppercorn and more. Call me old school, but there are certain lines that can't be crossed in celebration of such a historical occasion.

Redolent with nuts, the Five Assorted Seeds is one that would pander to the more matured taste buds. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, persimmon and sesame seeds are held together with a sticky maltose filling which is just sweet enough to allow for the roast on the nuts to shine through. Unlike many renditions I've had, Song Garden's version doesn't crumble at the slightest touch nor stick to the teeth in unglamorous nooks and crannies. Definitely a keeper and a fine display of the artistry in the kitchen.

I've always been one to love white lotus paste, plain. However, come Mid-Autumn Festival, I cave in to the occasional yolk inception. The dynamite orange ball adding just that bit of luxurious salt to bring out the best of the smooth lotus paste. At song garden, the mooncakes come just a little more tanner than usual, the crust itself yielding a robust flavour that I prefer.

White Lotus (1 Box of 4 pieces): $50.80
White Lotus Single Yolk (1 Box of 4 pieces): $56.80
White Lotus Double Yolk (1 Box of 4 pieces): $62.80
Five Assorted Seeds (1 Box of 4 pieces): $62.80

Perfect little gold ingots; these salted egg yolk lava custard mini mooncakes from Song Garden are my recommended for most 'worth-it' purchase this mid autumn festival. Heat it up a little and you're guaranteed a nice flowy centre providing a faintly salty contrast to the milky crust.

Mini Custard Salted Egg Lava Mooncakes (1 Box of 8 pieces) for $62.80.

Note that this mooncakes are only available for purchase from Song Garden itself from now till the 4th October or until stocks run out.

Song Garden
122 Middle Road
Level 2
Mercure Singapore Bugis
t: 6521 9299

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