Cake for Min

Chocolate Cake for Min

or so as called by her friends... this little one, meant for 4 reallie small girls (i assume), with small appetites, is perfect in size for a truly high in chocolate cake. a little bite goes a long way whilst having more wld only mean in sharp drop in marginal utility... so do the math, size down if u have to... using my good ole' chocolate cake recipe, i up-ed the stakes by swopping some ingredients and added a good load of Bailey's irish cream to the batter. Resulting in a much richer cake, full of umph and flavor. whilst munching on the scraps... i swore i cld taste baileys in every nibble. i mean..its a whole cup worth of irish cream in there!!! *swoons*...
With this project, i played down the cutesy factor i usually incorporated; though i was told the bdae cake was reallie into pretty things. Oh well, didn't wanna go over the top with it and end up with a BIG mess on my hands. However, i did include some cute fondant cutouts and heart-shaped bite-size cakes dipped in chocolate and rolled in toasted nuts. hehe. Hope it did some form of miracle in resurrecting the rather ill-covered cake. didn't work too well with a square cake. haha.. probably not used to it. *bleah*

pray tt the 4-some enjoy the cake as much as i did working on it. *tee hee*... we await the verdict (oh btw, the last 2 cake order verdicts were good! *phew*..). For now..its back to more DC and AC crap... Ciao

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