Peaberry and Pretzel

Peaberry and Pretzel

cldn't resist letting u guys in on this fantabulous eatery tt i went to! Peaberry and Pretzel. set in the revived neighbourhood of sunset avenue, the opening of 9 new eateries along the once liveless estate is now the major cause of hustle and bustle in the region. Do go check it out! For now, pls enjoy the pictures. Reviews will come later!

didn't manage to get a photo of the entrees and the lovely display case with all their gorgeous desserts. But of course with a quick hand and some mighty thick skin, was able to take a quick shot of our own orders. Tiramisu and the almighty valrhona chocolate pudding. *ALL HAIL*... must i add tt the latte was incredibly smooth on the palate. *swoon*

the lovely tiramisu basking in the light... showcasing the warm glow of the surroundings. Very comfy...

the entrees were excellent! in fact the quality tt was shown played throughout all the 3 dishes tt we ordered. Weiquan had the Grilled sausages which in my impression tasted authentically german (not tt i'm reallie into german food), but i must admit tt they were very much near perfect. Mummy had a chicken dish as her main which i can't remember the name; however, the chicken was extremely tender and the fine coat of flour call for crisp texture complimented by a thick and fragrant mushroom sauce. tantalizing. Last of all, I had the Veal with mushrooms. This dish blew me away with its melt in the mouth bite-sized veal pieces and stocky mushroom chunks and shimmy dallop of sour cream on the top which not only enhanced the beauty of the dish but added a contrast of flavors to the outstanding dish. The rosti by the side was well done and reminded me very much of the numerous loads i had back then in Switzerland.

Valrhona warm chocolate pudding: WICKED!!! my first virgin try of the molten chocolate cake. The presentation of the desert was superb, with the pudding being served in a ramekin cup and creme anglaise in a shot glass at the side. Accompanying the dessert was a scoop of homemade vanilla icecream with fresh berries. Best thing was tt huge crumbles accompanied the vanilla ice-cream which added tt extra 'oomph' factor to the entired eating experience. The warm chocolate pudding was indeed a sin as every bite into this dessert involved a mouthful of luscious oozing chocolate and soft cake. Wonderful dessert... probably coming back here again just for desserts!

as of yet, the company's webby ain't setup yet. But pls do check out, a blog of the owner which featured photoshoots of some of his entrees served up in the restaurant on his blog.

anyway, digressing away from the restaurant for awhile, went out to supper with the guys at geylang ytd night; namely Jiemin the freak kor, and jonathan. Had a fun time catching up with old stuff and updating my outdated information bank. Thanks guys for making my day interesting! *cheers*

Peaberry and Pretzel
106 Clementi Street
tel no: 67773477

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