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My Haze of Comfort


a picture speaks a thousand words... So what is it you do when you're stressed out?

Whether it be staring out the window at the crippled cricket performing hippy dance moves, or listening to re-runs of melancholics songs on my computer, it all serves it's purpose, all in will, to create a vacuum of space in time for me to indulge in empty thoughts and a little tinge of self-pity. Don't we all? Yes, but the most satisfying of all activites would have to be spontaneous late night baking. The need to fill in the empty wicker bread basket at home just made it more compelling.

So between the piles of hand-written notes and hot mugs of coffee, there was a little dosage of dough-loving action and patient waiting. At the end of the long night, all that stood in the end (pun intended) was the lovely loaf of fresh wholemeal bread ready for prep-ing up to the office in a crown of rich butter and splotching of purple jam for mummy. A very aromatic and extremely soft loaf might i add. Must say that those lessons paid off well. haha. Mum was delighted of course..


To add to my list. My latest loot of single origin chocolate again from Xotique Chocolatier consisted of 5 tiny bars of gourmet chocolate that ripped $50 from my wallet. Money that I was glad to spend of course... This time, I recieved information from Boss, Phyllis that the latest shipment of Amedei's Porcelana had finally reached the stores! F.y.i Porcelana is a single-estate dark chocolate that is made in such rarity that every single bar produced is marked single-handedly by a serial code! I've got mine! hehe. The rest of the collection consisted of mainly Valrhona; Grand Couva originating from cocoa beans from Trinadad (hence i'm expecting it to be a little acidic) , Manjari and Araguani. The last mentioned has probably been the only one I've tasted so far. A dark chocolate consisting of 72% cocoa has a slight note of liquorice due to the use of brown sugar in the making, there is also a slight tinge of raisins and a rich fruity taste behind the bitter chocolate notes. And i might say, I really enjoyed this one. Still waiting to sample the others soon!


What can i say.. a little bit of chocolate a day sure keeps the system loaded and happy!

So what makes you happy?

can't believe after all that typing, the cricket is still doing its hippy dance moves in front of my window...

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Fen said...

Wow, chocolate does the trick, huh?

It is a pity you won't be able to turn up on Friday, if not I will flood you with lots of questions regarding chocolates.

Environment plays an impt role when mugging... Hopefully, your chocolate, your playlist and late night baking motivates you further...

Best of luck for your remaining papers...