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The Chocolate Review: Askinosie Chocolate

After reading an article about gourmet chocolates and the higher demand now present here in Singapore. I decided to pay the promotional booth at Taka basement a visit to probably get myself a bar of Askinosie Chocolate. Also since I've heard of this brand ever since a fellow baker of mine used Askinosie cocoa powder in her bakes, I was intrigued by the rarity and novelty of the product.


In the end, after circling the booth like a vulture trying to come to a decision on its catch. I got the white chocolate with cocoa nibs which rattled me off at $18.90 for a 75g bar. haha. *groanz* I sampled the white chocolate with pistachio bits and that was excellent as well with the salty roasted pistachios providing excellent contrast to the sweet white chocolate. But i finally stuck with the cocoa nibbed version as the bits of cocoa nibs swimming around within the bar was indeed a breathe of fresh air, giving a tiny crunch with every bite and imparting an all to familiar bittersweet note to the entire package. A terrific investment too.

Soconusco White Chocolate Nibble with added roasted cocoa beans.
34% Cocoa Butter made from Soconusco, Mexico beans.
The main ingredient in our white chocolate is 34% natural, non-deodorized cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is pressed in our factory and we are the first small-batch chocolate maker to do this. After pressing our Soconusco, Mexico beans to create the cocoa butter, we combine it with goat's milk powder and organic cane juice, and then craft it for days in our 85-year old German melanguer, making ours one of the only single origin white chocolates in the world. We add in Soconusco Roasted Cocoa Nibs to make this bar crunchy and good.It is also available in an original bar and a bar with organic roasted and salted pistachios.


The white chocolate bar surprised me with its au-natural color, a very faded milky brown, almost akin to diluted milo drink. I was surprised as I had never expected white chocolate to be not white. Upon enquiry, i was told by the sales representative that the slight tinge of brown was due to the lack of additives added during manufacture. Even more surprising was the fact that even the cocoa butter was pressed within the factory itself. Wow!

In case you were wondering, Askinosie are single estate chocolates as well, originating from either Mexico or Ecuador. Why of course.. u wldn't think i would settle for less huh? *diva attitude*.. haha.

I've been such a bad girl recently, with the 3 bars of chocolate still lazing around in its container in the fridge, I can't believed I'm buying more. argh.. I'm officially a gourmet chocolate hunter.

For more information on Askinosie Chocolates, head over to their website. I must admit a very lovely one too! Take time to read the story of the founders.. very charming indeed...


evan 이벤젤린 said...

what?? the white choc one with cocoa nibs is $18.95 for a mere 75g? and i thought amedei one is expensive @ $11/100g. what is valrhona now? hahaha!

Vicki said...

You're turning into a Chocolate connosieur :P

SiHaN said...

evan: amedei got $11 per bar one meh? i recently bought my limited-ed porcelana for $21/75g. haha. my recent purchase of Valrhona were comparably much cheaper. However, I would say the quality is just mediocre. Even the one that is made of cocoa beans harvested only once a year somehow lacked a significant flavor. rather disappointing...

Vicki: haha. that's putting a nice tag to it. Oh well, perhaps I'll consider giving those truffles a try. Last time I had one bar of earl grey chocolate brought back from France by my friend. That was gorgeous beyond words!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

i heard lah, not sure. i think i saw the info from one of the newspaper article or something.

i've not really eaten any gourmet chocs b4, but there was once i tried godiva and totally hated it. thought it was worse than cadbury! maybe becoz it was acidic thats why. i think the nx i'm gonna try is the michel cluizel one. but seriously u r becoming such a chocolate connoisseur (read : addict) haha. you and fen are so alike, except you guys go for different things (well, almost)!

eh, remember to save some money darling, we still need to set up our own cafe nx time *winks*

ladyironchef said...

sihan you really love your expensive chocolates! haha

SiHaN said...

evan: yeh. i knoe you hated that godiva bar. You told me before. Well, if you hate acidity then try to avoid michel cluziel. His range tend to be a little more acidic,. watch out for those chocolate originating from ecuador and trinidad, those tend to be a little bit sourish due to the natural citrus fruits taste acquired from the land. go for the madagascar ones that have a more fruity and floral taste.

and don't worrie, i'm trying my best to gather all that moolah!

ladyironchef: of course i do! haha. nothing beats happy food lyke chocolate. hehe.