food review: Mykii

HGW Food Review: Mykii

I need a Spa Retreat and not Spa food...


Have you ever feel a deep overwhelming sense of tranquility wash over you as you step into a retail/food space? This I experienced at Mykii, a 'new-kid-on-the-block' eatery located at Holland Village. Despite being situated at the less visited end of Holland village and placed in a rather 'jinxed' shop location, business seem bustling with activity in the early evening on a Friday. Perhaps it was the white washed walls or the added charm of the warm lighting spilled over the minimalist decor, reminiscent of a Donna Hay magazine that drew the crowds in.

Pronounced as 'M-i-k-a', this restaurant was inspired by the owners many trips to the mediterreneans, I was surprised to find out that the simple layout, comprising mainly of white washed walls and light blue accents on the furniture and cutlery were inspired by the romantic town of Santorini. On top of that, the wonderful jazz music bearing testimony to the well-travelled owners journey. I was especially enthralled by the melodies of course as I myself am a big fan of bossa nova and jazz. With all this layed out before my greedy eyes, the other HGW members and I were eager to taste the cuisines offered.


Beginning with drinks, I picked the Mykii Signature Granita Bee Stung which was essentially a strawberry drink. This was marvellous and so were the other granita drinks that I sampled off the others. Popular in Greece especially in the summers. Granitas, a bit like ice-kachang with larger grains is easily made combining sugared water with liquor and/or fruit purees poured in large pans and then scraped up. The drinks served up was a tad like a strawberry yogurt drink, refreshing and extremely tantalizing. Alright, so its evident that my expectations were once again heightened..


Next up were the appetisers that came fiercely fast to our table. After a bout of photo frenzy (as usual..) we helped ourselves to the food. At this point of time, I was exclaiming that the food served up beared a very light touch to them, almost as if they were spa foods. Pages of Bill Granger's publications popping into mind immediately.


Pissaladiere is an Opened-faced provencale tart dressed with roasted capiscums, anchovies, olives and onion jam. I didn't quite like this one, biasness i guess, once I caught sight of the pesky anchovies peaking out from the mount of greens, I was a goner.


Tamarind Glazed Chicken with Glass Noodles, Green Papaya and Asian Herbs Strange as it is.. this dish was thai inspired with the glass noodles and green papaya additions. The chicken hardly beared any significant flavor of tamarind however was juicy and tender. That was it's saving grace.


Papaya and Avocado Salad papaya and slices of avocado dressed with lemongrass and lime . This dish for me, was just plain weird. For one thing, no one messes with my papaya. haha. and If you ask me, I would frankly answer that this wasn't worth its pricetag. Anyone could do this with a flick of the wrists at home.

Cesear Salad with Fritto Mistro I swiped a bit of the italian breaded seafood off the dish and this was soo good served with the accompanying dip. Aside from that, the salad was another plain jane.

Mezze Platter This dish as it description on the menu claims is 'perfect for sharing'. With lavosh and grissini used to dip into the colorful dips, Garlic, Salmon and Chickpea. It was good finger food and wonderful for the fickle minded tasters...

Next up were the mains, These were served pretty fast after the tables were cleared of appetisers. And soon, everyone around the table were tucking into their warm foods all done in good conversation nonetheless.


I was stunned by the simple yet terribly enticing appearance of the BBQ Baby Back Ribs. Served with roasted pumpkin and cabbage mash. The meat according to my fellow diner ( i didn't pinch any of it) was tender and extremely well seasoned. The roasted pumpkin (which i did manage to get a bit) was sweet and juicy . just the way I liked it. And the addition of cabbage into the mash was slightly interesting and offered excellent textural contrast to the otherwise boring mash. Definitely a must try..

Another dish to look out for upon recommendation from the others is the Seafood Linguine with Laksa Pesto . Done to perfection with a combination of true rich laksa taste with al dente linguine. This is a match made in heaven.


Penne with Ground Pork Sausage Meat I didn't hear much coming from my neighbout about this pasta dish hence I would think that it was just mediocre? Probably very rich and heavy in tomato judging from the looks of it.


And finally my choice Pot Roasted Chicken With Almond and Olive Pilaf. Honestly, I took a few spoonfuls and pushed away the heavy dish. Failing my high hopes, the chicken thigh meat was hardly seasoned despite the flood of tomatos, onions almonds and olives surrounding it. Worst of all, it was extremely dry. The Olive Pilaf again failed to bring it home with an almost unnoticable olive flavor. Thoroughly disappointed, I then shifted my attention to the desserts especially those in the display case that I had been eyeing on since the start of the dinner.


and thank goodness! These were certainly FANTASTIC!!! not all.. but at least most of them.. Starting from the top left (clockwise) is the cassis mousse chocolate cake (which the guys so generously surprised me with a candle and an accompanying birthday song; served up with the most yummilicious boy waiter.. haha. *internal joke*). This was good with the sour flavors melding with the cocoa as you rolled the spoonful of delish in your mouth. The Pistachio Macaron was to die for!!! Of course since I was a big fan of pistachio macarons, Nothing could stand in my way. Almost as good as Canele's, the macaron only lost points for having a not so crisp crust. Otherwise.. perfecto.. The Granny Smith and Aloe Vera Crumble was another interesting concotion. The seperate layers, the crumble, apple and aloe vera were fine eaten seperately, but in a mouthful. This almost has a distasteful finish to it. Next, the nutella squares with salted caramel. This dessert was a tad on the dry side. Like a cake overbaked.. However, the addition of nutella just made it a crowd favourite. Ooohhs and AAhhhs floated throught the air as everyone dug into it, with dreamy faces and dazed expressions. The passion fruit chocolate macaron was again not too bad. As do the other macaron flavors available. (note that each of the petite pastries in the cases go for $2 a pop). And lastly, the Gula Melaka Crème Brulee with Pineapple . This my friends.. you wouldn't want to order. With the gulu melaka taste almost non-existant and the texture of the creme brulee a little bit on the solid side instead of being custardy, this was a major disappointment.

Last but not least.. let's talk about Love.. I swore I fell into a deep pit of love once I sank my fork into the Chocolate salted caramel Macaron. With a deep set chocolate taste against the intriguing salted caramel innards. I was perpetually in heaven for a few fleeting moments as i savoured the tiny pastry. For once, i can say that I'm in love.. take me.. I'm yours...



Address: 17d Lorong Liput, Holland Village

Tel: 6468 2838



Vicki said...

Great write-up! I could almost taste them already haha. Seems like a promising place to dine at!

Fen said...

Wow, seems like another good place for desserts... Nice shots and just like Vicki, I am tempted to drop by... Thank you for the write-up, serve as a good guide of what to order...

Anonymous said...

I am swooning over the macaroon...and

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo collage!

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2009 ahead, filled with more delish reviews and bakes :)