Happy Birthday Yi Jie and Kai Xun

Happy Birthday Yi Jie & Kai Xun!


A Birthday Surprise that turned out to be not much of a surprise after all. But still it was worth the effort!!! The Bdae boy and girl, siblings in fact share the exact same birthday, seperated by a solid 2 years! Talk about coincidental.. now this makes the parent's life, a whole lot easier! haha.


The storm troopers rounded the church kitchen waiting for the two unsuspecting victims to enter the hall for their dinner only to be discovered much earlier than planned!?! darn it! But still, It was a wonderful get together us as we huddled amongst the piercing stares of the rest of the youth fellowship campers; mostly at the cake though.

The cake, which I had the honor of baking was a GIANT moist chocolate cake rounded up with chocolate ganache and strawberies ringing the top. This in mind with Kai Xun of course, distinctivly recalling the dinner where he gobbled up 5 chocolate cupcakes of mine and even asked for MORE! Needless to say, I relented to his dream of having a chocolate cake. so Viola! Even throwing in some monogramed oreo cupcakes along the way.


so glad I had that extra sugar cookie dough lying ard. With some royal icing flourishes, these were good to go!

So that's 'K' for Kai Xun and 'Y' for Yi Jie! Happy Birthday to the two of you!!!


Sharon said...

Wow, that looks like a fun birthday! Mmm, delicious!

Flourchild said...

What a fun party..are the people family, friends or both? I love the cake and the way you decorated it. It's nice you had left over frosting from the cookies!

SiHaN said...

Sharon: Thanks a lot babe! we did have fun!

Flourchild: Oh the siblings, those were church friends! THanks for your compliments! and i'm so glad you enjoyed your trip.. nice to see u back with all that cookies! Those leftover cookie batter have served me well. haha.

Jacque said...

I love the monogram cupcakes... they're so simple, yet perfect.

It all looks delicious!

yamunah. said...

NIce cupcakes! :)
link me ok.


Fen said...

Wow, birthday celebration with friends are always so fun and loving... Where is the picture of the gigantic moist chocolate cake since the blog features the chocolate cupcakes?

Wish u an early Happy Birthday and have great fun tomorrow...

P.S. It is amazing how Kai Xun and Yi Jie's parents manage to plan their birthdays so well... My parents missed it by 2 days though >.<