Double Bay Restaurant

Double Bay Resturant

celebrating Fine Australian cuisine


All was a scene of serenity. The teak furniture, slim cutlery, glass windows, beautifully comfy tweed chairs to sink into. All a surprising contrast to the tumultous surroundings; the roaring traffic passing by on the busy street; occasional strong winds that caused turmoil to innocent victims on the streets, flapping skimpy skirts and overturning cups. The Double Bay Resturant was evidently busy even in the early hours of dinner service. However with that many staff standing idly behind the counter, it was evident that they were perhaps over-staffed.

Once seated, my bf and I were presented an impressive drinks menu that spanned from Australian beers to sparkling wines, smoothies and more. The main menu though simple proved a feat to be decided upon as well given the huge variety of fishes. The waiters... fresh off the grill, were over-eager in taking our orders. Interrupting us twice in the span of a smooth conversation to enquire about our choices. Quickly sensing a bit of impatience, we settled on two glasses of wine, the first, a Green Point Sparkling Brut from the Yarra valley($15) and the other just a normal housepour white wine (riesling) ($13). Turns out, the latter was much better, smooth on the palate and inheriting a tinge of sweetness after oxidising. Perfect with fish...


For starters, we ordered the seared bay scallops with ikura and seaweed emulsion ($16.90) from the gastrobar. We were soon greeted with 6 large succulent scallops sitting on a platter with a bowl of accompanying salmon roe and salad. What impressed me most was the combination of salmon roe with the scallops. The explosion of flavors upon first bite was almost a beautiful symphony. The seaweed emulsion injecting a tinge of grassy, salty flavor to the entire dish. Definitely a dish worth its price tag. Did i mention that the scallops were perfectly done? *yummy..


scallops close up


Situated between the Raffles Hotel and Raffles City Shopping Centre. One would first marvel at the strange locality and peculiar layout of the establishment. Constrained on the outside of the protruding round walls of the shopping complex. The restaurant had a mini V-shaped platforms on all 3 sides which allowed for alfresco dining as well as tiny little decks on the peripherals for customers that preferred dining under the prying eyes of the passing traffic, both humans and automation.

The interior was an oasis of luxurious textures and gentle lighting. All inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of the Australians i suppose. I particularly enjoyed that feeling as I sat back basking in the comforting glow of the setting sun. It's bliss with the object of infatuation seated in front of you.


The mains were soon to arrive. Both of us chose the beer-battered fish..*i know.. boring!*. He had the Cobia/ Black King fish ($23.90) whilst I had the Australian Barramundi ($19.90). With a list of 7 fishes to choose from, it was a tough affair but we settled quickly waiting eagerly to sample the differences. The former was definitely better with a richer taste and flakier texture whereas the latter lacked personality, though it was still a good piece of fish. The beer batter was crispy and fried to perfection, never taking on the sydrome of sogginess despite our slow, ardous eating process. Pity, the aroma of beer failed to shine.

cobia,black king fish

Served with tomato ketchip, vinegar and tar-tar sauce, it was the perfect combination with the fish fillets. Simple and non-descript. The fries on the side were thick steak cut pieces, fried lightly such that its starchy contents, soft and moist were the stars of the show. I was delighted of course, since I had always had a thing for 'soggy' fries. These were perfect.


stained cutlery

a sense of wellbeing aflot. Stained cutlery dipped in vinegar and condiments. Still, we had to do desserts. Mandatory process? Guess it would have to be this way with me around.

lemon meringue pie

Our choice, the Lemon Meringue Pie ($8.90). Though this item appeared the most insignificant on the dessert menu, with no description whatsoever; I must admit that I was thoroughly pleased with the dessert. Apart from the mini blunder with the orders of course. With a serving size big enough for 3 eaters, this lemon meringue pie was unlike any that I've ever seen before. Flat as a pancake. The lemon curd layer was thin, and the excellently torched meringue layer adding another 50% to the entire dimension of the dessert. Sugared berries crowned the top providing a brush of dazzling colors to the plate. Essentially, this dessert was a perfect ending to the meal, the meringue, evidently dry of tears (no weeping) was an excellent contrast to the tart lemon curd (though i wish it could just a little more sour!) and the buttery crust. It's height only meant that you could easily have a feel of all the layered components in your mouth at the same time. Phenomenal. the only complaint was the ice-cream served on the side. Definitely not produced in-house, large ice-crystals and non-predominant taste of vanilla beans. *Shrugs*. Still, this dessert is a sure shot and I'll probably return just to try the other desserts some day. The profiteroles sound tempting...


Last but not least, I would like to wish my dear baby boy a Happy 23rd Birthday.

You're my rock.

and i must say.. a very lovable rock..

Double Bay Restaurant

252 North Bridge Road
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6334 6530


Fen said...

Wow, a nice meal for his birthday occassion...

The meringue pie looks so familiar that I went to check Ice's blog and truly indeed it was the same place... with 2 recommendations of this place, I guessed it must be a worthwhile lunching experience...

Nice pictures and writing... the pictures does bring out the mood of your writing...

and Happy Belated Birthday to Zhiheng...

P.S. I don't seems to be able to find you on flickr, what is your id? can be S***y right?

evan 이벤젤린 said...

great, finally the review is out. you take great pictures!! the ambience looks really nice and i think $16.90 is definitely worth it for the scallops. i'm going there!!!

btw, i had this riesling at yan ting the other day and i thought it tasted exactly like the moscato. is it supposed 2b that way?

ice said...

I'm so going for the scallops period.

The Food Librarian said...

What a great post! Too bad I'm not close to this restaurant. Lovely photos (as always) and happy birthday to your cutie!

SiHaN said...

Fen: yeh.. its the same lemon meringue pie. Looked to good to resist. haha. Zhiheng says thank you!

Evan: Thanks dear! yeh.. the ambience is reallie not too bad despite the busy passer-by traffic in the region. Gives a very warm laidback feel. haha.

Riesling is slightly more acidic than moscato but its also sweet and sparkly. However the moscato is supposed to be a tad sweeter because its mostly fortified or use late harvest of grapes. Different family of grapes producing different flavors i suppose.

ice: GOod choice that one!

The Food Librarian: Thanks for dropping by! I'll have to thank you on my cutie's behalf too! *giggle*.

ladyironchef said...

i like the last phrase, "you are my rock, a very lovable rock" :P