reunion lunch

Only for reunions..
of somesort.


Lunch was a grand affair, with an assortment of meats, yong tau fu and balls of all sorts spread across the dining table. Hot bubbling clear soup in pots, ladles, some with strainers and some not. This is the typical chinese reunion dinner. Lunch rather.. but same goes. The tradition of sitting around the table, dipping meats and others into the hot pots. Jostling with neighbours over the narrow arm space, communal cooking over the same stove with an assortment of delights to please each and every individual. By the end of the endless free flow of food to the table, the entire family was full to the brim. Well.. not exactly.. EVERYONE has room for dessert don't they?

So continuing with the steamboat idea, I decided to inject a bit of un-chinese traditions to the normal reunion lunch. Chocolate fondue.. i mean it does carry some of the same significance doesn't it? One pot, several sticks.. and a whole lot of racket from fighting over the oozing warm chocolate sauce.

sourcream pound cake

So there it was, my own little chocolate fondue. Warm chocolate sauce finished with dark rum for that extra oomph.. and to keep the children quiet as well after the sugar rush. SSShh, pray don't tell. On the sides, salty pretzel sticks (for that salted chocolate effect), strawberries, mini marshmellows (didn't have time to make my own, bah!!), sliced apples and my very own sour cream pound cake. recipe courtesy of Carole Walter from her book 'Great coffee cakes' (with a teeny weeny bit of alteration).


to be honest.. the scene was a little chaotic, with children fixated at the platter, greedily dipping their skewers into the molten chocolate sauce. Chocolate on the plates, chocolate on the table, even chocolate dripping down the corners of the greedy little mouths. I'm not excused either of course...

A delightful dessert, easy to put together for special occasions. Guess I've got this one on my menu in times to come.


Fen said...

Nice idea to introduce during a reunion lunch... and the presentation of the fondue is awesome... That definitely gets the kids to scoop for more sweet treats...

Yea, pound cakes or banana cakes with chocolate fondue are one of my favourite combination...

Won't it be a messy affair with chocolate dripping everywhere?

SiHaN said...

Fen: definitely! haha. how doesn't like chocolate? hehe. Oh darn.. i forgot the banana slices!!! haha. Next time I'll include bowls of chopped nuts, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts for dipping in after the chocolate coating!! hehe.

and yesh.. IT is supposed to be a messy affair!

pinkstripes said...

Yum! That looks really delicious. We don't do fondue as often as we should.

didally said...

Great idea! It's the same concept anyway.

I alone couldn't resist choc fondue, let alone the kids. lol