Under the Sea

Under the Sea... in search of a treasure trove


Mothers Day. Another money trapping device? Mostly for the chinese eateries scattered throughout our tiny island as children scuttle around in display of filial piety. On the contrary, mothers day held much more meaning than it's superficial value as a festival for busy, money spinning children to shower gifts and affection upon their mothers; it is a day to celebrate God's gifts to us, children... our Mothers.


Perhaps the ear-stinging sermon in the morning did work its wonders in softening the hearts of many out in the audience. Floating thoughts of 'evil' children who shoved insults at their parents behind their backs, who greet their computers before greeting their parents upon reaching home, were thick in the air above. Some of them were true, still we live oblivious to the implications of our actions. Blind to the truth that obedience is a quality demanded by God.

That aside, the family decided to have dinner together at the Barnacles at Rasa sentosa after a fervid recommendation from Da yi zhang. so a reservation for 13 pax it was...


The restaurant was an illustration of peaceful chicness. With an abstract interior design, curvy columns and aquatic blue lighting, it resembled a coral reef in shallow crystal clear waters. It's name, a resounding personification of the underwater world. Barnacles restaurant and bar. As we were seated, warm rays from the setting sun fell like a blanket around us, enveloping us with a heart warming consolence. The exterior of the restaurant was popular with couples sharing the spectacular scene of the yellow egg drop over the horizon.


The horde of us were quick to settle our orders and soon were greeted with metallic platters of assorted breads and our drink orders. Most innovative were the dips provided for the breads, the red chilli crab sauce providing a tantalizing edge over the usual butter. Soon, our tables were crowded with glasses of all shapes and sizes. Banana Belafonte, Rasa Cooler, Flying Trapezes, and many a Island Temptations. The adults were game on ordering mocktails. The children heaved a sigh of relief with the no alcohol rule. Fyi, that meant a less hefty bill...


Food wise, the barnacles guarantees a fresh catch of seafood with every order. And sure enough, the ying yang ($22) was a delight with the succulent prawns lightly tossed in creamy dressing still holding a light crystal quality crunch. The 1/2 Dozen oysters ($28) were lovely, but not as fleshy as I hoped they would be. (tasmania.. here i come!) . Most were in bliss at the mention of the Foie Gras with Passion fruit coulis ($26), pity I had no tolerance for the buttery rich liver. Still a worth a try for the many self-acclaimed fans out there. Worth mentioning are the Tenderlion Rossini ($45) and the Chef's Mixed Grill ($38) which I stole a peep at from the other end of the table. With top quality beef used, The true flavor of the meat shone thru, only to be heighted by the side serving of peppered cognac sauce. Heavenly.

Velda and I shared an order of Ravioli and Lobster ($36) and the mixed seafood skewer ($36). The former was excellent, a giant Boston lobster crowning a bed of ravioli filled with goats cheese. served with sauteed truffled mushrooms and a tomato dressing. This was a perfect mix of flavors, a little on the heavy side, but still good nonetheless. The mixed seafood skewer consisted of tiger prawns, barramundi and salmon grilled on a skewer served with stewed courgettes and zucchini. Did i mention that the seafood is gorgeously fresh? matched with the smokey flavors inherited from the grill, I ate speechlessly.


as the evening unveiled itself with a precision of a grand banquet with courses in close procession. We were still able to squeeze in some after dinner activities, photo taking and a unglamorous sing along session with the trailing band. Crooning along to Jason Mraz's 'I'm yours' with the quizzical stares from the parents to the sychronised carolling of 'que sara sara'. Surprise of the evening came when the chef came out to present a sizeable chocolate mousse cake to our table, totally on the house! And as we nibbled our way thru the delectable treat, we reached an all time chocolate high, resulting in fits of laughter as the final song 'money money money' was played by the band upon our request. A prediction of our wallet predicament all a little too soon...


Our evening came to a sweet ending with the chocolate samplers plate ($18). A trio of sacharrine bliss, Chocolate icecream with cherry compote and spun sugar, molten chocolate cake and a spoonful of chocolate creme brulee. Definitely one of the better molten chocolate cakes that I've had with a great well of sunken chocolate innards. Note: better quality chocolate could have been used though to derieve a more complex and satisfying experience. But I'll take this one willingly.


And as the night drew to a close, the kids pooled their resources together to foot the bills with yet again 'evil' notions for payback times with the arrival of childrens day in October... The world rotates round yet again...

Here I shall leave for Australia (be gone for 6 weeks) with final words ' with unconditional love from them, we should return them with unconditional esteem and care.'

Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers around the world.

Barnacles Restaurant and Bar
101 Siloso Road
Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore
Tel: 6371 2930


ladyironchef said...

hahahaha userul review, very few ppl blog abt the price of the food here. heh enjoy yr trip :)

Fen said...

I like the smiles in every picture, family gatherings are always a bliss.

Hmm... curves and blue lighting, the ambience sounds good... and from your picture, the view seems lovely (like the waterfront along Keppel Bay)

Enjoy your trip... Wow, 6 weeks in Australia... Flood us with photos when you are back =)

chianglihui said...

Seriously, your food reviews AlWAYS make me drool. I miss Singaporean food so much! ONE whole year without it.

I did remember reading good reviews of Barnacles before too!

Have fun in Australia ya? When you return, I will be back already so we can meet! Bring Zhi Heng along and we can double date! =P

TeaLady said...

Ah, Mothers~!!!! Where would we be without them. My usual is flowers and my hubs BarBQues. Perfect.

And all that lovely food. Looks like a great place to go.

Brisbane forklifts said...

Love your blog content.. thanks.. :)

Flourchild said...

Ahh what a sweet family. I have missed you but glad your having fun and enjoying your life! I look fwd to see your next yummy treats!