When in doubt, follow your gut

When in doubt, follow your gut


Before I launch into a full fledge ramble about my quiet lunch along Jalan Pinang, let's start with a piece of good news, shall we? Cammie is well again! after a shocking diagnosis of circuitory problems that were presumed to be only amendable in 3 weeks time, I got a text message informing me to collect him 2 days after admission into the mad house! *yippeee*. Now i get to take cammie to australia with me!

To celebrate his quick recovery, we took him on an excursion to the hustle and bustle around the arab street region. Afraid that the vivid colors would jolt a sudden repurcussion in him, we took extra precaution. Fortunately, the little one embraced the painted walls and mosiacs of colors so well. So proud of him...


Lunch was at Zac's cafe. Specialising in mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine, this place was a recommendation by the boyfriend who had stumbled upon the cafe with his family and maldivian friend recently. With set lunches priced at $7.80 nett, comprising of a drink, harissa soup and a main, I certainly wasn't expecting much at first. Funny thing was at the end of the meal, my bloated stomach was screaming for mercy...


Don't get me wrong, screaming for mercy in a good sense where over indulgence is concerned rather than the retaliation of poor quality food. To start off, we had the harissa soup (a moroccan soup), essentially a lamb soup with a tomato base and loads of tantalizing spices. Spaghetti strands,chick peas and fried onion added to the chunkiness of the soup. Imagine having a bowl of this when you're down in the ruts.. perfect.


And as the hot afternoon tottered on, our mains arrived on a gust of wind. Pari Pari chicken with arabic rice and grilled vegetables for the boy and grilled fish kebabs for me. Before reaching the cafe, he did mention to me that the pari pari chicken was somewhat similar to nando's peri peri sauces; and sure enough, the spiciness within the succulent chicken flesh did pack a familar punch. My fish kebabs were excellently done, with the large chunks of fish bearing a slightly sourish flavor perhaps from the yogurt marinade. The accompanying chilli sauce was a marriage made in heaven with the tender fish and it gradually raises the temperature as you work your way thru the mountain of yellow rice, sultanas and fish kebabs.


Fortunately, we had our iced mint teas to douse the flames. There is something soothing about the tea as you slooshed it around the mouth, removing traces of the potent chilli and dousing the flames.

All these for just $7.80. Come on.. you probably can't find such good value anywhere else! Throw that notion of visiting Forlino out of the window and head down to this shophouse cafe instead!


Then... just as the meal came to and end, the wind shifted direction. Carrying clouds adrift with sweet aromas from the South, I hugged curiousity close to my chest as we maneuvered the tight streets in search of the hidden mystery.


And after a sweat-inducing walk under the tumultous sunshine, we found what we had been looking for...


Rows of immaculate pastries, white washed walls, biege cushioned high back chairs and shady interior. Yes... you probably guessed it.

B Bakery at Bussorah street.


We settled down for a slice of cake and a party in view. Manjari Lemon ($4.80) it was. The combination of chocolate and lemon a daring combination inspired by many parisan confectioners, la maison du chocolat? The manjari chocolate used in the dessert played up the citric flavor a notch and the lemon layer provided an element of surprise even for the undiscerning eater. Pity all wasn't perfect as the chocolate sponge was extremely dry.

Gazing around the room, looks of satisfaction were seen everywhere. The grilled vegetables with hummus plate and smoked duck salad with pomenegrate dressing stole my gaze. Perhaps I would drop by for a meal instead next time. Shall hold on to this though till my next visit.


On a seperate note, I have to mention my first ride on a car lift! Silly I know.. but it was terribly exciting. haha.


B Bakery
15 Bussorah Street
Tel: 6293 9010

Zac's Cafe
17 Jalan Pinang
Tel: 6295 1816


evan 이벤젤린 said...

congrats on the recovery of yr cammie dear! and why is it a he, and not she? :p

yea i could tell that the sponge is really dry! but at $4.80 a slice, u really can't find that kind of price at that many places anymore :D

Anonymous said...

YOur pictures look gorgeous. Everything looks wonderful.

SiHaN said...

evan: yeh. i'm so thrilled! haha. about the gender issue, it never occured to me. I guess I just prefer calling my belongings with guy names. haha.

the sponge was reallie dry. choking dry actually. but i must say it's really value for money. The ambience is reallie quite nice too. chilled out and cosy.

pinkstripes: thanks lady! glad you enjoy the recovery shots from cammie. I'll relay the msg to him.

ladyironchef said...

i din heard of zac cafe before, but i want to go b bakery! how come only eat one cake?

SiHaN said...

haha. precisely. not many have heard of zac's cafe. but the food is fabulous and value for money. so must share the joy with everyone. hehe. B bakery arh. you can go arh! I only ate one cake coz i was too full after lunch. I even gave my favourite cappuccino a miss. can you believe it?!?!

Fen said...

Enjoy your Aussie holiday, always good to go for a grad trip, don't have to worry about anything and indeed a good way to celebrate the next phase of life...

Wow, set lunches at $7.80 nett... Are they available over the weekends too? There are a couple of bakeries and a place selling chocolates but haven't really have the time to go there since Yuan will end up taking pictures of the shophouses... The last time round we went there, we were close to having two drenched cammies...

Quite surprised by the dry sponge as I recalled their cakes to be more kueh like. But then again, dry chocolate sponges are pretty common encounters, dunno why...

Hey, you are not silly about the first ride in a car lift, I haven't been in one and I guessed I will be equally excited...