Pie Face: Australian pie chain now on our local shores

The mention of Australian Pie Face rings back memories of my days well spent in Sydney. Of early morning walks to the Townhall subway station, the coffee aroma adrift from the machines already hard at work providing black elixir to commuters at this underground booth; I resist the urge to get a pie, the lingering smell of butter permeating my nostrils. Despite my somewhat extended stay in Sydney, I've never found a reason to patronise the chain mainly because of it's domineering existence in the market, almost akin to bread-talk in Singaporean context; so that makes me kind of a snob doesn't it?, but why have pie face's pies when you can get your hands on Bourke Street Bakery's lamb and harissa pie? I digress. Forgive me.

Spurred on by the very fact that pies aren't part of our culture here means that there is room for its interjection into our foodscape, and hence Pie Face's first foray into Asia is definitely timely. Unveiling its first store in 313@somerset, the chain sets out to introduce the locals to the humble pie (excuse my punt). Helmed by Mr Francois Galand, French born and trained chef, the kitchen team sets out to produce gourmet pies from scratch, using the traditional French puff pastry technique in a  bid to produce flaky pie crusts to compliment the hearty fillings.  

As I was one of the lucky ones privileged enough to sample Pie Face's offerings during the media launch.. these are some of my visual and taste observations...

Fun fact: did you know that the different facial expressions aren't at all random? They are used as means for the staff to differentiate the pie fillings hidden within. The 'o' for Thai chicken curry, 'v' for the vegetarian Tandoori, 'p' for the chicken and peppercorn as well as 'S' for the Chunky steak pie... What a brilliant idea!

After a taste test, I had my strict favourites. The Chicken and Mushroom Pie ($4.90 for the large, $3.00 for the mini) was a comforting creamy mixture of tender chicken breast, mushrooms and garlic. Almost like the old school chicken ala king stuffed in a golden pouch. Not to be missed is the Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90 for large, $3.00 for mini), an Asian inspired pie which carries the heady aroma of coconut milk. Despite the Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20) 's claim to be the crown jewel in Pie Face's array, this pie had some major shortfalls especially dealing with the tenderness of the beef chunks that turned out a bit stringy from the braising process. 

On a separate note, Pie Face does serve up some pretty good coffee, with a solid management of frothing technique sans the fancy latte artwork. But if you're going to order a takeaway, it doesn't really matter either way. Prices for coffee start from $4.00.

And if in the case you aren't a big pie fan, fret not, the chain does offer other alternatives to curb the munchies.  The Almond stick and Cheese stick ($1.90 each) are pulse quickening treats that blend the likes of crispy golden puff pastry with a mish-mash of sweet and savoury fillings, almond creme in the former and a gooey cheese in the latter. Yes, admittedly these two can cause quite an oil slick in the bags, but despite the artery clogging implications behind them, it disappears all too quickly.

There are also 8 Sweet Pies ($3.30 each), with flavors ranging from butterscotch to apple crumble to my all time favourite pecan pie! These little monsters seek to entice the youngsters with their colourful hues, however, take heed that the sugar content can be a tad preposterous; so unless you have a high tolerance for sweets, avoid these. 

Pie Face


Bugis Village
249 Victoria Street

Operating Hours:
10am - 10pm

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