Pantler: A Promise-land of Honey and Sweets

Peering down the grey minimalistic hallways of the shop house, my heart was gripped by eager anticipation to dive straight into the rows of sweet desserts. Here at Pantler, breads and pastries rule the land, there's no gimmick to the concept here, and hence decor is understandably stark. 

For the neat freaks, Pantler's setup is the hinterland of your fantasies, entremets placed fastidiously on clinical silver trays lined up with tangential precision to its neighbours. Here, attention to detail has spilled over from Japanese foreshores, manifesting itself in exquisite looking cakes and tarts that makes for drool worthy eye candy. 

Two separate visits later, I was sold. This is what Singapore's commercial district is in dire need of. A boutique purveyor of quality patisserie and boulangerie items in a simple yet classy environment. Perfect for mid-afternoon tea breaks or client meetings, if you may.

Founded by Baker Matthias Phua and partner, Head Chef Tomoharu Morita whose credentials span from highly acclaimed Grand Hyatt Tokyo to Joel Robuchon Singapore. The two have dedicated their passion and skills to creating products that are authentic and beautiful, paying special attention to produce, Beurre d'Isigny French butter and Japanese flour milled by Nishio Milling from Aichi Prefecture. This high quality ingredients takes precedence in the boulangerie items, the croissant ($3), crispy on the outside with light and fluffy innards. Unfortantately Singapore's humidity has dealt it a bad card and the exterior suffered a little, texturally. Nothing that a little warming up in the oven won't solve.

The Mango Passion ($5.80) and Creme Caramel ($5.80) comes highly recommended. Diving into the former will lend your mind a chimera of narratives; the tantalising creaminess of the mango flavoured panna cotta spiked by a slight tang from the passion fruit coulis pooled over the top. The 'jiggly-ness' of the pudding a testament to the Chef's profound pastry knowledge and skills. Touted to be Matthias's dessert of choice, I was eager to get a glimpse of what he saw in this humble offering. Lo and behold, this was frickin' magic in the mouth; I lapped it up greedily. What this traditional dessert has on the other versions is the caramel sauce that had been pushed to the edge of caramelization without burning. That's talent right there.

Other offerings that I've since tried are the signature Yatsura ($8.50) - hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut feuilletine. Almost like the makings of a ferrero rocher in a more sophisticated form. The Pantler roll cake ($4.80) failed to leave an impression, and I took a back seat on the Pantler Cheesecake ($6.80) that was a tad too crumbly and dry for my liking.

The best desserts causes a clamour, sharing them provokes tension. The question of who's settling the last bite clearly defining likes and dislikes within the gang. My choice amongst the spread, the Pithivier ($7.50), a dessert that I've not had since making my own in pastry school a couple of years back. This traditional round French puff pastry circle filled with almond frangipane brought back flashbacks of the days of struggles with handmade puff pastry armed with only a rolling pin. Delicious in every right, the pastry was undeniably fresh and flaky whilst the almond filling fragrant, almost like eating a 100% marzipan. Don't judge.

The Ricotta Cheese Tart ($8.50) is another formidable dessert with soft and tangy innards backed by a crisp short crust pastry. Perfect for those who like something a little lighter.

Then there's the much talked about Choux Creme ($5.50). Details elevate this humble dessert such as the crisp nougatine topping that caps the choux pastry just before entering the oven;  and the velvety smooth vanilla bean flecked pastry cream filling. My only wish would be a better cook on the puffs that would render the innards a little drier and crisper.

Coffee at Pantler is from Dutch Colony, so fans of the blend can now get your fix in the city!

Judicious with butter, sugar and everything nice, Pantler is set to steal the hearts and minds of dessert lovers and cafe go-ers alike. Be sure to make your rounds quick before the news gets out!

198 Telok Ayer Street
t: 6221 6223

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8 30am - 8 30pm
Sat: 10 30 am - 5 30pm

Online Order available here

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