Chabuton - Premium Kurobuta Ramen at not so premium prices.

Being crowned "Best Ramen Chef" and receiving a Michelin star is a pretty big feat for someone who just makes ramen. So I guess you can say we're pretty blessed that chef Yasuji Morizumi has decided to bring this exclusive ramen to our shores.

Billed as the Premium Tonkotsu Ramen, it has the usual shebang of bamboo shoots, japanese leek and soft boiled egg. But what makes it special is that beautiful marbled Kurobuta pork that bursts juices into your mouth. Gutted that only a small piece was given, perhaps they should offer more for a separate charge.... Oooh.. and their luscious blend of tonkotsu and chicken collagen broth went down a treat too. We were instructed to slurp it up instead of mixing everything together, so that we'll get the difference in flavors. The mouthfeel was definitely not as thick and gravy like, and the taste isn't as "meaty" (sorry, inside joke) as a full on tonkotsu broth you can find in places like Gumshara, Sydney. Noodles were cooked to perfection. Firm and springy and you definitely expect nothing less from a famed chef. Our egg came out nicely and way better than our first try...

So there you have it kids. Do check it out and it's on for a limited time (17 Jan - 31st March 2015) and costs only $18.90

313 Orchard Road #B2-01
t: 66368335

Opening Hours:
Daily 11 30am - 10pm

This post is written and photographed by the fabulous Sylvester F of who is a professional french fryer, lover of hats, and is secretly addicted to alcohol. 

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