Montana Brew Bar: Waffles Gone Rogue

Montana Brew Bar is one of the newest kids on the block to amp up the waffle game in town. Yes, it is evident that these honeycombed imprinted crisp vessels do have a soft spot in our hearts and stomachs; and with these validation, MBB takes it to level with their ingenious savoury adaptations.

I'm here at brunch hour on a Saturday; a modest trade is coming and going in that lazy weekend kind of way. Tables are packed with languid diners hoping to score a waffle or two with friends; most of them young and vivacious, in the mid twenties; a crowd seemingly drawn from its location advantage , right smack in the middle of several schools and learning institutes in the vicinity. On a weekend, this isn't the kind of place you want to sit and linger for too long if you're a party of one; the glaring lights (plus odd stares from other people) and bustling foot traffic traversing through the malls, not exactly conducive for 'me-time'; perhaps the odd hours of the weekdays would be a better choice.

Service is brisk but impersonal, the waiters ostensibly more interested in getting behind the coffee machine than bringing out food and beverages to the customers. Evident from my boyfriend's orange soda that caressed the table top for a good 5 mins before being served to us. Some smiles exchanged would be a pleasant addition as well.

My Latte ($4.50) was alright, not mind-blowingly good despite the 20 mins wait that I had to endure. Made using their unique house blend with roasts originating from Brazil, India and Ethiopia, I found the coffee to be a little acidic for my liking, the ending note weaning towards the thinner and 'siap siap' kind of feel. Not exactly my cup of tea coffee. I would strongly advice you go for the Pourover instead. Priced at just $5.20, thats a steal considering that a dedicated blend is employed for this purpose.

Not to be missed is the Truffle Mac & Cheese ($9.50); while I've never been a fan of mac and cheese itself, this dish scores big on the balance of moist ooey gooey macaroni with the frivolous crunchy exterior of the waffle. Served with a tiny bowl of fresh salsa on the side, this really helped to add heat and a punch of flavor to the dish; more truffle powder and parmesan shavings overhead provided salt. I was deeply fascinated with this offering and wished there were ala-carte additions to the plate offeredl crispy bacon or scrambled eggs on the side would be perfect!

The Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($9.50) with wasabi slaw was extremely ordinary, the waffle as way too rich and crispy in relativity to the deep fried chicken, it's golden brown exterior tasting as though it was brushed liberally with a heavy dollop of butter. The only redeeming factor of the dish; the wasabi slaw, left me uninspired. Last I heard, changes have been made to this dish to improve it, so i'm crossing my fingers that you guys don't get any dry chicken like I did.

Desserts were an exhilarating affair as much as it was exhausting. The Matcha Strawberry Field Waffles ($9.50) fell flat, promises of cakey innards amidst that golden caramelized exterior, non-existent; and I grit my teeth in dismay as the knife hit the ceramic plate with a nasty 'clang' while slicing through. Adding to the pageantry of the dish were the mango and passionfruit spheres, thin-skinned globules of tropical fruit sauce that spill forth its deliciousness into the waffles crevices with a gentle prodding of the knife. Deliciously rich and luscious, the homemade vanilla bean ice cream was the star of the dish and that along can satiate any sweet lover.

The Red Velvet Waffle Stack ($10.50) is a teetering stack of  shockingly blood-hued waffles and cascading ice cream. The red velvet crumble strewed throughout the dish giving a little snap, crackle and pop, utterly delicious so much so that I was pining for more! 

Montana Brew Bar in the grand scheme of things is successful in feeding the students with a highly affordable food. However, it does have its' work cut out for it with regards to improving the texture of its waffles and proteins. Let's hope amendments be made soon and I can't wait for my return visit!

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04
t: 9633 1790

Operating Hours:
Daily: 8am - 9 30pm
[coffee/tea and drinks from 8am - 10am]

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