Bumbo Rum Club: Love in the Caribbean

Causing quite a stir in the rather mundane tiny town of Club Street, the new Bumbo Rum Club has unleashed some Caribbean heat upon the rather jaded fusion tapas scene in the vicinity.

The newest concept of Deliciae Hospitality Management which manages a slew of rather successful restaurant concepts such as L√Čntrecote, Sabio and Forlino (just to name a few); Bumbo Rum Club prides itself on dishing out authentic Caribbean fare, boosted by a rum centric bar and inspired cocktails. Don't be intimidated by the extensive selection of rums here as their claim to fame is the whopping collection of 76 rums from more than 20 countries, this includes 7 homemade infused rums such as Passionfruit & Banana and Cinnamon & Orange. take heed that you can actually take home a bottle of this handmade infused rum for a nominal fee! Perfect for parties or home consumption. 

We got first dibs with the Bumbo Rum Club Signature Cocktail ($24) and the Hurricane ($18). The former appealing to my senses better with the perfume of berries infused rum working in cahoots with the slightly tannin red wine and strawberries to create something alluring; whilst the latter was a real thirst quencher with a classic combination of white and gold rum with orange and passionfruit.

The Pan Con Tomate ($9) is a good dish to warm up the palate for whats ahead. Tomato marinated in citrus and herbs meets toasted garlic bread and the somewhat simple yet vibrant combination is tantalising. Be sure to devour this one fast to avoid limp bread situations.

And what's a Latin American dinner without ceviches? Bumbo Rum Club's tidy menu boasts a healthy selection of three different kinds. Lubina ($14), Salmon ($16) and Camarones ($16) [L to R] . I found the Camarones to be the most enticing. Juicy pan seared prawns is served with a blend of chili paste, coconut milk served with deep fried plantain chips. Drizzle this rich mixture on to absolutely anything and it would be deemed delicious. The Sea Bass and Salmon didn't quite captivate my attention the same way,the mixtures suffering from a slight dilution of flavors perhaps from the cooking of the fish.

For a fiery dose of Caribbean inspired fare, order the Quesadilla ($14). A good dose of stretchy cheese with minced beef, spicy guacamole and jalapeno makes this dish an absolute keeper as it pleases the drinks enthusiast with its punchy flavors.

The Nachos ($14) were by far one of the best renditions I've ever tasted. A colourful medley of shredded pork, melted cheese and spicy guacamole above corn chips greets the eyes; and my connection with that smouldering tender shredded pork was instantaneous. What I like about this dish was the conscious effort to keep things dry and crispy, so that you don't end up with a pile of sogginess towards the end of the meal.

From the Tapas section, we also had the Pollo Dulce Y Picante ($16) and the Accras Bacalao ($20). A treat of hidden gems, the sweet and spicy chicken is comfort food for me, the spritz of lime and pickled jalapeno giving off a balanced tone of muted acidity in contrast to the charred yet intensely moist poultry. The same can't be said about the Accras Bacalao, essentially a cod fish beignet made from flour, onion, chili and cod fish. It reminded me of a bergedil which was such a waste since the pasty innards did not highlight the flavor and texture of the coveted cod fish. 

The desserts menu may be limited but don't be foiled, because that goes to show how well they know their offerings. The unimpeachable Churros ($9) was deftly executed with slightly doughy innards, crunchy exterior coated in just enough cinnamon sugar to take it to the next level. If you prefer your churros with that nostalgic Disneyland type feel, in contrast to the usual souffled type versions you find these days, then Bumbo Rum Club's version will kick-ass. Trust my word on this one. 

Big groups who fancy a larger cocktail to share will be delighted to know that Bumbo Rum Club has a drinks menu specially catered for these occasions. We had the Bumbo Rum Club Punching Bag ($60/suitable for 2-4 pax), a thirst quenching concoction of white,dark and gold rum with orange, pineapple, lemon and ginger ale.

Bumbo Rum Club with its convivial setup and lively atmosphere is the perfect place where diners can walk in, nibble on a few tapas and knock back a few glasses of delightful cocktails. Follow them on facebook to get alerts on their special themed programs and promotions held on different nights!

Bumbo Rum Club
83 Club Street
t: 66907563

Opening Hours:
Mon- Tues: 5pm - 12am
Wed- Thurs: 5pm - 2am
Fri - Sat: 5pm - 3am
Sun: Closed

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