Butterstudio: New All Day Breakfast Menu

There's no denying that Butterstudio tries to please its customers, its recent launch of a new All Day Breakfast menu tending to the needs of patrons who are itching for a savoury fix. However, its attempts mainly go down in smoke. Call me impartial, but breakfast food without the presence of bacon is doomed for failure. Let's explore the nitty gritty.

Starting off with the Beef and Egg Sandwich ($13), the slew of toast weighs heavily on the eyes while the slices of beef pastrami sandwiched in between bared an uncanny resemblance to chewing on cardboard. The sandwich would have benefited from a self-saucing sunny side egg (as promised), however ours was cooked to the last inch of its life.

I was smitten by the Hangover breakfast wrap ($12) though, perfect for dealing with grumpy tummies, the aftermath of a heavy drinking session; fortified by the incapability to operate utensils properly. Just pick up the snug roll containing crispy hash brown, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and cheese, and you're good to go.

The Signature Egg Benny series boosts a healthy selection of 4 various proteins blanketed by cloud like poached eggs. 

The Eggs Neptune ($18) failed to tickle my fancy. The handmade crab cake verging on slight rawness - soggy and wet. 

Butterstudio's eggs benny foray falls flat again with the Classic Florentine ($13). The pivotal poached eggs, mildly strange tasting with a sourish tang, probably acquired from being pre-cooked and stored or perhaps from an overdosing after a swim in vinegary waters. Special mention goes out to the toasted English muffins. Slathered with the all important butter and grilled to golden brown, the crisp corners enlivens the unimpressive stack.

The other two options are the Morning Benedict ($12) consisting of chicken ham and turkey bacon as well as the Norwegian Royale ($16), with smoked salmon.

Desserts continue in the same vein, generic and slightly underwhelming. The Sea Salt Nutella Tart is not jaw droppingly good, but nonetheless, the handmade tart shells scores points with our group. The Belgian Chocolate tart had an overly sweet ganache filling that was dry and lacked the luscious melt-in-your-mouth texture that one hopes for. Last but not least, the same problem plagues the Salted Caramel Red Velvet Cake - instant diabetes.

One cannot have it all. Go figure,

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