[Mother's Day Special] TAO Seafood Asia: Mrs Lee's Favourite

I don't want to sound like a douche bag, but, if you have some form of culinary skills, it would probably be a good time to dig it out of the bag and give it a good dust just in time for Mothers Day. What's better than cooking up a humble storm for the most noble women in our lives.

But then again, there's the less messy option of dining out;  if that's the path you've chosen to trod on, then it would be wise to dig a little deeper into the pockets and vet your choices with an iron fist. After all, its an golden opportunity to buy favours and 'get-timeout' from the provocation and nagging that ensues soon after. There's no denying it... it's going to happen, just like how everyday IS NOT Valentines' day.

In line of Mother's Day, TAO Seafood Asia's Executive Chef Lee Thon Kuon, has prepared a special list of dishes reminiscent of the type of home cooked cuisine prepared by his dearest wife (who happens to be the mother of restaurant manager, Adrian). So, none of that fou-fou Seafood dishes for the night, instead we pay homage to the responsible women who put real food on the table.

The Chilled Drunken Chicken ($10) proved to be a tad racy with it's nudity in full view on one plate and the other fully draped in yellow skin on the other. Flavor wise, this was supple and moist with a slight tinge of sweetness. Dip it in their famous green chili concoction and you've got a winner.

The Steamed Egg with Coconut Juice topped with crab meat and salmon roe ($9.80) was served in a rather underwhelming portion; the sweet crab meat accented by the clear coconut water light on the palette. 

The mains came out in full force, served in large ominous vessels suitable for a family feast. Most of these were exemplary despite its humble credentials. The Tao's Pig trotter with Sea Cucumber ($48) for example took center stage with the aroma of homemade rice wine taming the lustrous medley. Tender pig trotters and meticulously primed sea cucumber, accompanied with a couple bowls of rice and boisterous conversations equates to lasting memories this mothers day. Think about it...

Then there's the Claypot Braised Chicken with abalone and rice wine ($48), a heartwarming offering with lashings of opulence in the mix. A tinge to salty for me, but I suppose if you steer clear of the braising liquids, you should be fine.

My favourite of the night, Chef Lee's Homestyle wok fried prawns ($30) was a gratifying stockpile of well seasoned prawns, stir fried till quivering golden brown with their tails licked up. These were snatched up in a jiffy and I contemplated making my move on the last few lingering around at the table, but in fear of the misjudgements of my frugality, I relented.

For those of you who don't already know, TAO Seafood Asia is helmed by Executive Chef Lee Tong Kuon who was responsible for the setting up of Thai Village. (Read about my gastronomical experience here) .  Hence, you know you are in safe hands.

Desserts were the only shortcoming of the tasting, with the lacklustre Orh Ni Sago dessert ($6) resembling more a yam soup than the thick luscious dessert we were expecting. Take your sweet cravings elsewhere. 

TAO Seafood Asia
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2
t: 6844 9969

Operating Hours
Daily: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 6pm - 10pm

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