The Rockin' Diner by The Mustard Incident: Hot Damm..

I remain adamant about my fixation on American stylised food. To add to the list of must-try American diners, The Rockin' Diner has the advantage of being a venue to satisfy midnight munchies as well. Situated along Club Street, it may just be perfect spot to sort out hunger issues, a prevalent problem, especially where drinks are involved. 

The Rockin' Diner , previously located in TANGS basement one, has recently shifted its operations to larger premises across a two-shophouse space in the thick of the vibrant night-motivated Club Street. Serving up Gourmet Hot dogs, the menu flaunts a wide spread range of appetisers, breakfast items (suited for curing hangovers), mains and dougs, of course. Owner Kelly Koh, owes his culinary inspiration to time spent in San Francisco and Hawaii, hence, the food is inexplicably generous in portioning and hearty in flavor.

Take for example the Beanless Chilli ($7.99) which is stewed with a lengthy list of ingredients that cannot be divulged, till the mince is agonisingly supple and smacked with flavor. Coffee being one of the ingredients adds to the slight earthy, almost smoked aroma in the chili con carne.

If your health permits. do the outrageous thing and order their Bacon wrapped fries ($12.99). As if fries aren't already detrimental for the body, TMI ups the ante and takes it to a new level by wrapping bacon around it before a quick trip to the deep fryers. However, these yielded slightly soggy fries with not enough golden brown intention to stand firmly while being picked up from the basket. Spam Fries ($9.99) that can essentially cure sex cramps with instant effect aren't my idea good snack either unless you've got superhuman salt tolerances.

Alternatively, place your bets on the Little Italy’s Killa’ Lasagne ($15.99), using TMI bean-less chilli instead of the usual Italian herbed and spiced meat mixture, in between other layers of cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan. This gargantuan treat looks every bit like a traditional lasagna, but on steroids.

Their Philly Cheese Steak ($15.99) brings me flashbacks of episodes of 'The Great Food Truck Race', where in sunny Philadelphia, contestants put their own spin on the classic sandwich with Indian and even Irish influences. The Mustard Incident settles on something a little more safe and true to its original form, filleted steak is covered in a deluge of caramelised onions, sauteed peppers and cheese. The Ciabatta bread, a perfect vessel for it's sappy innards, impressed, with its firm buttered and toasted middle, light centres with a crisp crust; definitely one of the better breads I've had.

A heavy weight, the Frankenstein ($11.99) is sure to satisfy even the most famished of men. To attend to our alter egos, 1/2 beef frankfurter is lined up against 1/2 customised pork sausage, the split personas wrapped in bacon and then topped with beanless chili, hawt sauce and caramelised onions. I couldn't have asked more more, apart from a better rendering of fats in the bacon that would have given the composition a slight textural contrast.

Yet to be christianed, this doug cradles a tasty veal sausage, topped with foie gras and is drizzled with purple mustard. Definitely an overkill, I found the foie gras to be overcooked and an unnecessary embellishment to the cast of characters. Not my favourite of the night.

Desserts come in the form of Nutella-misu ($6.99). A rather weak attempt at incorporating nutella into a tiramisu, I reckon larger dollops be used to enhance its presence, otherwise, calling it that would just be blasphemy.

The Rockin' Diner by The Mustard Incident
11 Club Street
S (069405)

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 12pm - 12am (last order for food 10 30pm)

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