The Fabulous Baker Boy: Fundamentally Fabulous

Have your cake at breakfast and eat it too! Together with the onslaught of flying pancakes and cheesy sandwiches washed down with a comforting cup of coffee for those much needed morning perks.

Walking into the grounds of The Fabulous Baker Boy situated at the foothills of Fort Canning Hill, just a stones' throw across the road from Liang Court; for the first time, assimilation was instant. Its obscure location is a surefire asset in drawing in the crowds; the soothing waves of greenery present in the surroundings making me feel at ease.

Then, there is that cake display. (inserts jaw-dropped emoticon). A true nightmare for the indecisive and a pure dessert playground for the voyeurs. Right from the moment we stepped into the cafe, our eyes were fixated on the range of 12 cakes on the stand; wouldn't be so hard to make a choice, or so we thought, till we realise there were another 8 cakes in the chiller. Gosh, now that looks real intimidating.

But first, breakfast. The Pancakes with cheese ($12) are definitely a rare sight on local brunch menus and we were quick to close in on it. Made using 3 different types of cheese; cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan  - the result is this ethereal stack of odd shaped pancakes retaining well browned crust and a mushy centre from the luxuriance of dairy employed in the mix. Drizzle maple syrup over the top and you've got yourself an exotic treat. Personally, I would love to throw in some bacon on the plate to complete the picture, but perhaps for some, less is more.

The sight of my BBQ Beef Grilled Cheese ($13), made my heart skip a beat. There it was, a sandwich in perfect ratio, the substantial amount of chunky beef brisket holding its on in the hefty stack. The deadly trio of cheeses, the crucial ties that bind the ridiculously delicious bread to the smoky tender pulled beef. I gobbled my way through this beast with less perplexity than I usually have when ingesting such a carb rich meal, the comforting sammich permeating its way deftly into the fissures of my heart and mind.

The Flat White ($5.40) is nothing out of the ordinary, only serving the purpose of garnishing the table and all its glorified fare.

and what's a trip to The Fabulous Baker Boy without cake? 

After a tumultuous 10 minutes of deliberation, we finally decided on the Blueberry Lemon Cake ($8.50) and the daily special, Strawberry Shortcake ($8.50). Not entirely sold on the notion of eating food colouring, I relented to my accomplice's urges on this one, the tangy sounding composition of Greek yogurt sponge, blueberry jam and cream cheese tempting her taste-buds. Pity this didn't quite capture my fancy -  the sponge, a tad rough and chunky on the palate, almost like a sugee cake texture coupled with the assault of oily swiss meringue buttercream in one mouthful; I could only wish for the blueberry jam to be more tart for a better balance.

The Strawberry Shortcake on the other hand, was revelation level stuff. Looking every bit like a huge heart attack on the plate, this surprised with its light and springy genoise base and unsweetened cream filling with only the fresh strawberry conserves for that boost of sweetness. Trust me, if you ever see this cake on display. Grab'll thank me for it.

Serving brunch daily, The Fabulous Baker Boy is a worthy spot to check out for intimate dates and girly meet ups. The bedazzling array of cakes, sure to spell bind anyone who has a sweet tooth.

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills
70 River Valley Road
#01-15 ( 179037)

Operating Hours:
Tues - Thurs: 11am - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm
Mon: Closed

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