Miss Mollys: Not just about the Rainbow Cake

Miss Molly's joins the infectious slew of cafes in the area. With a menu spawning many fusion dishes,  (sometimes I feel as if to pass off as an excuse to being unable to execute the classics right), Miss Molly's prides itself on being the newest hangout place in Tanjong Pagar, inspired by good food and ice cold beverages. And despite the depressing state of a Tuesday night, the cafe was packed to the brim with diners, all hawking into their food, the perturbing aroma of truffle oil staining the air. A situation I find unfathomable given the saturation of similarly priced food joints within walking distance.

So, I zero-ed in on my food in hope of understanding the dynamics of the cafe.

For nibbles, my partner and I shared the Har Jiong Kai Crispy Chicken Bites +  Sweet Chili Sauce ($8.90). Crispy wouldn't be the word to describe this dish, an accidental discount the kitchen bestowed upon itself with a heavy dousing of slightly viscous sweet chili sauce over the chicken. Flavors were good but the dish could have been miles better with more considerable plating.

And once again, the kitchen makes a boo boo with the names of its creations. Not so much a burger as it is a Sandwich, the Soft Shell Crab Burger ($14.90) features crispy soft shell crab, pickled cabbage and carrot slaw, garlic aioli and coriander on sourdough; served with a side of deep fried wedges. This was a pretty decent sammich, its generous fillings driving the combination home. I adored the good use of spices here, the herbaciousness of the coriander negating the oiliness of the deep fried soft shell crab.

Still, the dish that stole my heart had to be the Laksa Pasta with prawns ($18). Ultra fulfilling in terms of flavors, the complex notes of curry with sambal belachan and curry leaf are really represented full force in this dish. The fresh prawns caroused in the thick and saucy mixture, just waiting to be noshed down. Definitely a dish I would return for, again and again.

Miss Molly's boost a menu that may appear a tad monotonous, but within that humdrum list lies some hidden gems. Get acquainted with it and you'll begin to see why the cafe is often jam-packed. 

Miss Molly's
2 Craig Road
Tanjong Pagar
t: 62222671

Operating Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 12am

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