Bochinche Weekend Brunch: Boozy Boosts

Looking to treat yourself this long weekend? Then Bochinche would be a highly recommended choice from me. 

Featuring an all-new brunch menu, only available on weekends from 11am - 3pm. Other reasons to warrant a visit include the $25 free flow booze-ster promotions on Saturdays from 11am -1pm. Think about it, continuous tipples of the best Signature Chimichurri Bloody Marys (aka the best hangover cure, ever), as well as wine and mojitos. There's no better reason than that, to hop on over!

Word of advice though, as much as I love cozying up to the bar, with the magnificent view of the open kitchen intact, circumstances can get  a little overwhelmingly sweltering with the speedy grill action and the lack of proper ventilation in the section. Opt or specify for window seating when making your reservation.

One of my absolute favourite dishes for sharing is the Classic Provoleta with Almonds and Honey ($19). A mini skillet of bubbling hot cheesy goodness greets the glazed eyes of us, diners at the table. The astringent aroma of toasted nuts and the lustful sight of caramelised edges spurring up some healthy appetites. You might want to act fast around this one, the liquid gold seizing up into a salacious mess when cold.

The Green Asparagus, Baked Brie and Grate Granola ($23) is one that pairs perfectly with a glass of White Wine, from Argentina nonetheless. My loyalties lie with the Kaiken terrior Series 2014 ($15/glass, $34/carafe), it's fresh fruit nose and vibrant peach undertones, crisp enough to highlight the excellent produce employed at the establishment. - Clean on the palate, the baked brie will get you hooked on this combination. I would have loved more granola split over the sides though, but that's just me being greedy.

Do not, I warn you, leave the establishment without getting your hands on the Chimichurro Burger v2.0 ($28). Definitely one of the heavyweights in the local burger scene, I came without a pre-disposition to this monster's presence on the menu; but coming out from brunch, I had evolved into a full-blown addict. A teetering stack of provolone cheese, crispy fried bacon, tomatoes, beef patty and capped with the most yellow fried hen's egg I've seen in a long time; this was one solid burger to dig into with seasonings spot on. Only gripe would be the soggy bottom buns which failed to hold up the juices oozing out from the caramelized onions.

If you worship your eggs benedict, however, do not wish to come across such a boring fart on a date at Bochinche, you'll be glad to know that the kitchens have worked their magic on the classic, replacing the protein with Braised Ossobucco in between poached eggs and toast ($25). How about that now? The piquancy of the chives hollandaise draped over giving the rich mixture a herbaceous edge.

The Brioche French Toast, House Cooked Ham and Bacon-Vanilla Ice cream ($19) can be very misleading with its tenacious literary sweet vibes. However, this was very much as savoury a course as the other brunch offerings are; AND, SOOO good too! What sets this apart from the conventional versions is the house cooked ham that holds none of that unnatural saline content of most commercial hams. It's firm porcine heritage really shining through. The brioche french toast may appear a little bit on the thin side, but don't be fooled, underneath that browned exterior lies a treasure trove of custardy innards. Heavenly when savoured with the Bacon-Vanilla Ice Cream.

For the sweet tooths, you can always fall back on their Tres Leches Milke Cake for a good time. The passionfruit sorbet on the side, offsetting the lavishness of the soaked cake. Other outstanding desserts include the Dulce de leche Creme Brulee ($17). The presence of the crisp sugar crust torched to precision with self-restraint when ladling on the sugar, a real hallmark of some pastry prowess.

Otherwise, dig your spoons with reckless abandon into the Chocolate Pudding, Salted Caramel, Berries and Brioche Croutons ($16). You can count your calories later... after all, it's the weekends!

22 Martin Road
t: 6235 4990

Operating Hours:
Tues-Fri: 11am - 11pm
Weekends: 11am - 3pm (brunch), 3pm - 11pm

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