World Gourmet Summit 2015: Sunset Celebration @ Tamarind Hill

Decked out in a little LBD, glass of champange in one hand and the Sunset Limonata from Tippling Club in the other (yes, I do admit to being quite the alcohol hoarder), I surveyed the sprawling grounds of Tamarind Hill, devising a plan in my head as to how to approach the debauchery with certain order, yet still retaining some sanity afterwards, enough,  to attend a wedding without tipping over at least.  

Last week, I had the fortune of attending the cocktail evening at Tamarind Hill, featuring a astonishing spread of high cuisine and tasty tipples from a multitude of WGS's 2015 partners. Some of the restaurants which I was highly anticipating included Burlamacco, ALBA 1836, Wooloomooloo, Level 33 and Punjab Grill; not to mention cocktails wringed out by the talented folks of Tippling Club. Honestly, the sight of the bustling action and the excitement evoked was a little hard to handle. However, after calming the tingling nerves with a couple of drinks, I strike out, and trust me when I say this; I went hard.

ALBA 1836 impressed with their Burrata Cheesecake with raw red prawn and sweet and sour tomato coulis, a tasty combination that exudes sophistication and a creative hand to achieve such an unsuspecting texture in the cheesecake. Almost like silken tofu with the creamy astringency of burrata, this was the perfect accompaniment to a flute of the finest Barons de Rothschild champagne.

The Tuna Carpaccio with smoked caviar, altamura flakes, sea urchin and sour cream was a delight as well, the little lavish detailing highlighting the excellent Scotland produce.

My Jam.

who can resist a glass of bubbly? and better yet, when there's an endless supply of it?

and of course, there's cocktails as well for those looking for a bit of variety. Stirred up by the bad boys of Tippling club, you know you're in the safe hands of experts of the field. Needless to say, the cocktails hit a home run, the Sunset Limonata displaying punchy characteristics with the liberal use of ginger, the Snow Leopard vodka, pineapple juice, angostura bitters and san pellegrino working in tandem. The Rossa Midnight Punch - brugal rum, san pellegrino aranciata rossa, peach, orange and mint yet again another perfect party get go-er.

Squid Ink Risotto, served in a big cheese wheel no less! An offering of Burlamacco, it's evident from the visible frenzied scraping efforts that it was good.

Chef de Cuisine Ryoichi Kano hard at work preparing the canapes for Lewin Terrace. 

I OD-ed on foie gras whilst contemplating setting up base camp just outside the booth. The Foie Gras Terrine served with a crisp wafer of dehydrated white radish pickle overhead pulling me in with its luscious texture. Not to be missed is the Amadai Ochaduke. I'm beginning to notice a trend of the Japanese tile fish being employed in the Singapore restaurant scene, the peculiar preservation of fish scales on this expensive fish leading to some brilliant textural contrast with the tea styled rice.

The Straits Wine company in action, digging deep with a bottle of AIX rose. 

Hua Ting dishes out some very exquisite oriental dim sum including the Deep Fried Sliced Chicken with almond flakes and sour plum sauce. Not exactly the most interesting line up flavor wise, but definitely scores with presentation.

Drink partners Wines of Portugal casts a net of tasteful impression with a tight and impressive selection of reds from Portugal. I hearsay that most of the selection is available at BOCA, so do check it out if you visit.

Having completed our rounds of the interior grounds of Tamarind hill, we wondered out into the patio in hope of catching spills of sunset magic, only to stumble upon more food booths stationed in the charming alfresco terrace. 

So we did what we were best deemed fit in this situation.

We ate some more.

Seafood Paella from restaurant group Deliciae Hospitality Mangement, handling brands such as Sabio, Forlino and L'Entrecote. Despite all the fuss over the huge pan of paella, spiked with a flabbergasting amount of seafood, the absence of the quintessential socarrat and the general mushiness of the rice did nothing to tickle my fancy.

Punjab Grill knocked my socks off with their Murgh Malai Tikka, perfectly succulent morsels of chicken marinated in yoghurt, cashewnut paste and cheese and then grilled in a tandoor.

I would have loved to wrap my lips around a couple of these treats, but a wedding beckoned afterwards. 

An array of Southeast Asian tidbits presented by SouthEast Asia Masterchefs, Chef Sombat Kokasemkul, Chef Somkhuan Wandee and Chef Maurice Toh. Pity the scallop was a little overcooked and gritty in nature as if not cleaned out properly, otherwise, the slick glaze and visual aspect of the vessel certainly earned crazy amounts of brownie points. Not to mention the drooly-worthy streetfood-esque smells adrift in the cozy enclave of the backyard lawn.

Two highlights of the evening for me had to be the Coconut Ice cream from Tamarind Hill and the SousVide Beef Cheek from Level 33. Flushing slightly under the influence of alcohol, I let out a lusty sigh,  coupled with certain eye-rolling motions as I spooned down the icy cold treat with an insatiable longing. The latter is a tiny morsel that melts in the mouth the instant it hits your tongue. With this affirmation, I will surely make it a point to visit the brewery restaurant soon.

The Sunset Celebration is just one of the many events held in conjunction to the World Gourmet Summit 2015 that runs from 6th April to the 3rd May. Do hop on over to their website for a better view of their event listings!

Fundamentally Flawed attended the Sunset Celebration as a guest. Major gratitude to WGS 2015 for the invite.

Tamarind Hill Singapore
3 Labrador Villa Road
t: 6279 6364

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