Ginza Lion Beer Hall: New location @ Suntec City Mall

I wiped my beer moustache with gusto after mustering a heavy weight lifting motion from table to mouth, as I lavished in my first sip of ice cold Sapporo beer from a boot ($18 for 600ml or $16 at Happy Hour, 11am - 8pm daily). Hell yeh... what a treat to escape from the sweltering afternoon heat.

Ginza Lion Beer Hall, owned by the Sapporo Lion Group, is a spacious beer hall with lofty ceilings and plush sofas complete with lacquered dark wooden tables to complete that German Beer hall look. Serving a wide variety of pub themed foods, big on flavor with similarly portioned mugs of beer to grace the tables, a trip to Ginza Beer Hall with friends and family will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for sure.

To get the gastronomical adventures rolling, we started off with the Roast Black Angus Beef ($28/200g and $50/400g). Juicy roast beef cooked to a perfect pink state accompanied by broccoli, carrots and creamy mashed potato. The thing that makes it so quintessentially Japanese are the tiny mounds of Wasabi and freshly grated Horseradish as well as the Ginza Lion signature sauce with hints of soy sauce in the mix. Definitely one to have if you're a carnivore like me.

Another dish that sounded ordinary but surpassed my expectations was the Grilled Chicken ($22) the chicken thigh, showcasing raunchy details with the explicit grilled marks burnt into its surface. The crisp bits suffused with a smoky flavor, matched perfectly with a swig of the beer mug. Watch out for the sauteed potatoes on the side as well, well seasoned with golden brown and crispy edges, we picked the board clean of any lingering traces.

If you're looking for something a little lighter to ease the alcoholic advances,  opt for the Prawn and Mushroom Ajillo ($12); one of my favourite dishes off their menu, this shallow cast iron dish held a mix of 2 kinds of mushrooms and sauteed prawns in olive oil. It is hard pressed to find any reason to dislike this dish; the residing flavors of roasted garlic, funghi, butter and prawn heads steeped into the oil which made it perfect for dipping those slices of toasties (and whatever vessel you may find lingering at your table) into it.

However, the staple pub dish, the Beer battered fish and chips ($15) did not sit well with us. Dory fish being employed in this dish had a bit of a slimy texture that flaked too easily from its golden crumb.

Turning our attention to certain side dishes, the Tai Lemon Ponzu ($12) stole the limelight. Seabream Sashimi with sliced onion, fried garlic and a lemon and shoyu dressing. This offering drew back the menu to its Japanese roots, shedding lights on the culinary prowess of the chefs outside of the usual pub grub. I foresee this being a very popular dish with the ladies given its slender portioning and subtly balanced flavors.

These aren't your ordinary Chicken Wings (4pcs for $10/ 8pcs for $18), lauded to be Ginza Lion's signature started in Japan. These wings are marinated in white pepper and soy sauce for 24hrs before being deep fried. The soy sauce permeating the flesh of the chicken, injecting it with maximum umami and succulence. Trust me when I say, resistance is futile.

For novel purposes, you might want to dabble in the Gobo Karaage ($8), however, the glistening of residual oil and soggy innards in the deep fried burdock steer me away from this choice.

The Pancetta Carbonara ($16) is given a new lease in life here with the use of pancetta instead of the cheaper alternative, bacon, commonly found in most establishments. Aromatic with a good hearty feel, this is one dish I see myself partaking in the case of torrential rains. Yes, I tend to choose my food based on weather. *grimaces*

Not to be overlooked is the Cumberland and Arabiki Sausage Platter ($16). Note that sausage mince is exclusive to Ginza Lion with the ratios perfectly fine tuned by the finicky palate of the Head Chef here. Personally I find these better than brotzeit; the light handed usage of sodium in the mix appealing to my taste buds a little more.

The dessert menu is a little disappointing, but then again who eats desserts in a beer hall? Go figure...

Tiramisu ($8) and Creme brulee ($8) had a lukewarm reception with us. The former being too dry and the latter, unsatisfying with a flavourless base of coagulated cream. Not my idea of a perfect end to a meal. 

So take my advice and just grab one more pint of beer for the road.

Ginza Lion Beer Hall
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tower 4

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11 30pm

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