Todai Restaurant: Birthday Dishes from around the world.

Reading up on my last visit to Todai Restaurant in 2013 (you can read about it here), it stirred up a somewhat nonchalant vibe in me; the food doing little to excite my wearied taste buds apart from the initial burst of excitement mustered with the bewildering sight of assortment and dazzling array of variety... that, eventually came to pass after nipping my way through the buffet line only to be disenchanted by the quality of the food. 

2 year later, I get called back in lieu of TODAI's 4th anniversary promotions, a clear sign that the buffet had successfully received a massive audience through the years. My lacklustre review imparting zilch effect on the booming business obviously (who cares about the small fry anyway). This time, TODAI's presents some of the best birthday delicacies from around the world to add a global touch to the festive celebrations. To be honest, I was charmed by the notion of having signature dishes representative of different countries on the buffet table. What better way to revel than to indulge in birthday dishes umpteen times? (Go shorty, it's your birthday, We're goin party, like its your birthday)

Pushing past the birthday delicacies, the mainstays of the buffet still remain by and large the same throughout my two visits. My undivided attention drawn to the roast meats and the Korean sections. 

My recent relocation from Australia and exposure to fresh seafood, damming the Seafood section to unwelcome status. Mostly because I felt the seafood wasn't that fresh and the oysters and crab for example, too waterlogged with saline water which resulted in a slightly undesirable chewy.

Strangely, the highlights of the buffet for me, surpassed the seafood dominance of the line-up. Ignore the no-carbs rule and whisk away platefuls of TODAI's innovative sushi creations for maximum gratification. Also at the Korean section, the kalbi and Japchae are not to be missed; the former, introduced as part of the birthday dishes array does not disappoint, the sweet potato noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables and meat, fragrant and incredibly addictive. If not for my slight fear of carbohydrates, I would have simply ate my way to satiety just on this one dish alone.

 If you have an appetite for exotic, have a taste of Oto from Ghana. Supposedly of sacred status, this dish is made from hard boiled eggs, mashed yam and palm oil. Offering diners a reality check as we come to appreciate the standard of living we enjoy in contrast to third world countries, where something as simple as eggs are viewed in holy reverence by the community. Also, sample a bit of the Jollof Rice from Nigeria to savour a bit of the colourful African culture with flavors of coconut oil, fresh chili pepper and aromatic spices. As to how true to the original dishes these renditions are, to be honest, I wouldn't have a clue. But those are the advantages of the buffet, it offers a window for a glimpse into the vast world of varying cuisines.

Avoid the pasta station at all cause, the uninspired strands of noodles swimming in too much cream and devoid of seasoning. A clear sign of too many shortcuts taken.

Once you've filled up on savouries, make your way to the dessert counter for a slice or two of that excellent Green Tea Chiffon Cake. Cloud like with a moist perforated interiors, it's no wonder the cakes get cleared out at such speeds.

Or get a load of the less ambitious rainbow cake, the 4 layer Birthday Cake from Russia. Light and a tad too sweet, this would suit younger palates, the bright colors creating instant hype at the table.

Todai's buffet runs daily with prices ranging from $42++ for weekday lunches to $68++ for weekend dinners.  Check out TODAI's official website ( or their facebook page ( for more updates on upcoming promotions.

TODAI Singapore
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Operating Hours:
Mon -Fri: 11 30am - 3pm; 5 30pm - 10pm
Sat: 11 30am - 3pm; 5pm - 10 30pm
Sun: 11 30am - 10pm

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