The BetterField: In search of greener pastures


Slogan sounds familiar? That's because it's the ringing jingle for The SUGAR App. Being roped in to join the brand ambassador program recently, it has kept me on a tight ship of endless scrolling through various merchants in the wee hours of the morning. Reason being that the vouchers refresh at around 7am every morning with only an availability of 1 per day. In this case, the early bird catches the worm and since the window of opportunity is so small, it compels its users to act on a whim, grabbing chances at plain sight; that my friends, is the key success to the app's advocating of discovery and spontaneity.

That's SUGAR in a nutshell. And my first attempt at being reckless led me to the frosty facade of this cafe located in a non-descript alley along waterloo street.

The Better Field is an infant in the local scene, only opening its doors less than 2 months ago. This newness was clearly evident when I stepped into an empty establishment at around 11am in the afternoon. Not a reassuring sight, especially when accompanied by someone who had zero tolerance for poor brunch fare.

Decor is sparse with cute animations draping across the white washed walls, and cheap plastic furniture lined up canteen styled in the space. Not too exciting if you ask me.

White Coffee ($4.50); Coffee beans here are from Dutch Colony Company which lend a medium body with a good nutty flavor, minimal acidity; however, it taste as though the beans had been sitting there for a while hence the lack of aroma. That being said, with the perks of only getting it at $0.60. One cannot complain. Thank you SUGAR!

Despite the resplendant menu offered at The Better Field, I was feeling like a spiritless that day and hence ordered myself the Eggs Benedictine ($14). Not to be overlooked, this rendition looked utterly amazing, the squid ink buns toasted to just the right consistency that it holds up well to the saucy barrage sitting over the top. My only gripe would be the eggs which seemed to have taken in a dip in highly vinegary waters that led to unnecessary protein coagulation especially around the edges. Hollandaise sauce nicely seasoned too. Definitely a winsome deal for an affordable price tag.

The same can't be said about the Pulled Duck Burger ($20). Sure, the Thai Chili Sauce was shockingly good, but the squidgy bun below that resembled a wet nappy was certainly unappealing. In contrary, the top bun was grilled to burnt toast consistency, a state that could have been rendered to the former to hold up against the assault of that brazen pulled duck juices. Flavor wise, this was top notch, with the browned ends of the duck adding textural contrast to the sloppy mess. With a little streamlining of certain details, this burger has the potential to be a star dish or sure.

The Better Field
261 Waterloo Street

Opening Hours:
Tues - Sun: 10am - 10pm
Mon: Closed


GNineThree said...

The Chilli Sauce on that Pulled Duck Burger really looks quite shiokkkk! But the burger looks a bit flat.. ><

Sihan said...

@GNineThree yeh.. the chilli sauce is good. I think they have a chicken bites on the menu doused in the same sauce. you should try that!