Shake Shack - The Alshaya Food Tour in Dubai

Toss a coin out, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Singapore, and you'll probably hit someone who has heard of Shake Shack, or even better still, someone who is a big fan of the brand.

Being the burger fanatic, I've heard myths and legends about the roadside NYC 'burger' stall that had achieved cult status and since then, went forth to open up chains throughout the world.

And today, I sought to challenge that myth. Putting Shake Shack through the mill, with a series of burger debauchery and mindless gluttony. 

As presaged, the verdict is as clear as day. I had my heart stolen the instant I picked up the hinged burger package and suffocated my mouth with the gargantuan breadth of the ShackBurger Double (DHS 42). I'm usually a person who is against burgers whose height cannot be completely contained by the average person's mouth, this is an exception. I chomped down on the fresh tomato slices first and as they say, the rest is burger history. The combining varying textures - well seasoned patties with a slight crispy edge, doused in fats of the dairy and bovine sort - pillowy soft potato buns and a touch of herb from the fresh lettuce leaves. This cajoled a feeling like none other, the kind that make you want to drum your fingers against the wooden tables and say dirty things. It is at this very point, where you can, and subsequently feel like the happiest person in the world.

If you want to continue residing in the bubble of happiness, give the hot dogs and cheese fries a miss. The Shack-cago Hot Dog (DHS 25) was limp and insipid against its more flamboyant cousin. Perhaps the soft buns need a smittereen of butter and a light toast on the insides to prevent the onslaught of pickle juices and relish from sipping into its core; reducing it to a soddy mess after minutes of reaching the table. The Cheese Fries (DHS 20) began with a wonderful crash pad of crinkle fries, but this very soon turned muggy after a ladling of not-so-congealed cheese sauce that lacked the flavor intensity desired.

Traverse to the lower portion of the menu for the 'Shroom Burger (DHS 26) and try to discount the fact that it's a vegetarian burger - because, you'll definitely dig this offering. Thank me later

Here, Crisp fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese is topped with lettuce, tomato and Shack sauce. Sounds good? - tastes even better. The Autopsy shot after the jump.

Just look at that sorcery as the crisp deep fried breaded portobello mushroom spilled forth its gooey secrets when the burger was split. Blankets of warm cheese and earthy mushroom all in one glorious bite. I am rendered speechless, aside from the countless times I said, "HOLY CRAP...This is SOOO GOOD. OH MY GOD."

Moving on, we just had to suss out a last, and most extreme burger: The Shack Stack (DHS 42), a mutant with the powers of a cheeseburger and a 'shroom burger combined, topped with lettuce, tomato and shack sauce. Yes, I split it with TheHalalFoodBlog - contrary to belief, I'm not that gluttonous. Little did we expect what fat-laced joys we were about to experience. 4 burgers in, and my mind was obsessing over delving into another burger on my own.

Unfortunately, I had to deny my food baby of more nutrients, in place of Concrete, aka Frozen Custards.

The Red Velvet Concrete (DHS 24) brought me on a fast track to Awesome town. It's vanilla frozen custard imbued with the addictive tang of cream cheese and laced with heavy chunks of red velvet cake, forces you to take more than one bite (I was a willing victim, of course). The Dubai Malt Concrete (DHS 24), unique to the Dubai mall brunch are full of pebbly peaks and valleys contributed by malt flavor and a toothsome marshmallow sauce, the chocolate truffle cookie dough adds a deep satisfying chew. For the die-hard chocolate enthusiast, stick to the Shack Attack Concrete (DHS 24), an assault of chocolate in all forms from the base chocolate custard to fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Valrhona chocolate crunchy pearls; and if that isn't enough, a flurry of chocolate sprinkles is the icing on the cake.

Shake Shack, I promise you, if you were to wash up onto our Singapore shores, your staff will never forget my face. Take my money already!!!

Shake Shack
Dubai Mall
Level 1
Near Waterfront, Dubai Mall
t: 044190370

Operating Hours:
Daily: 10am - 1am

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