Creature S: Twisted creatures that are best not to disturb

Here's a little Thursday jeremiad. 

Creature S....All that initial excitement, pumped up by deliciously spun tales and sights of its artfully decorated interior; plummeted to the ground after a very lackluster dinner crippled by horrendously amatuerish service. The only thing keeping us calm at the table whilst we received one glass of wine as opposed to the two that we ordered, was the therapeutic lemongrass aromas wafting through the air, reminiscent of a spa experience. Except that in place of amiable ladies in waiting, sophomoric adolescent boys took their place, typing on their phones furiously while our backs were turned.

The Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri ($30) was definitely not worthy of its hefty price tag, yes, so what if the cod was expertly cooked? - the miso bared a measly presence in the dish, further camouflaged by an assault of rice balls rolled in toasted dessicated coconut. The promise of blachan and assam in the rice, clearly an empty one - and what you wind up with are essentially ondeh ondeh balls sans the sweet rush.

Then, there is the Prawn Ravioli ($22), a poor excuse of a pasta dish, using wanton wrappers in place of the usual pasta. What I loved was the ginger, garlic thyme butter sauce and the satisfying crunch from the sprinkle of toasted pine nuts; however, I was hardly sold on the thick wanton skins, the sweet prawn fillings once again enshrouded in a thick floury coat.  To be brutally honest, you're better off ordering a bowl of 水饺  at the nearest hawker centre.

My only consolation for the night, my Lemongrass and Galanghal Martini that could have used a little heavier dose of alcohol to avoid being identified as a mocktail instead.

Word of advice: I'm sorry, but RUN.
(perhaps this would be a better option if you're in the area)

Creature S
120 Desker Road
t: 6291 6996

Operating Hours:
Mon: 10 30am - 10 30pm
Wed - Thurs: 10 30am - 10 30pm
Fri: 10 30am - 11 30am
Sat - Sun: 9 30am - 11 30pm

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