Miam Miam: New Pasta & Pancake Creations

Miam Miam's newest menu addition is the alluring Mentaiko King Crab Pasta ($19.80). This Squid Ink Pasta Dish features juicy Alaskan King Crab slathered with cod roe mayo! The first bite will surely knock you off your feet, for the dark strands of pasta belie some real powerful spiciness that keep you coming back for more. You'll end up with some goth lips and stained teeth, and with a satisfied grin to show them off!

The Ocean Arrabbiata ($16.80) boasts great value for the potpurri of seafood ingredients including prawns, squid, mussesls and clams. What looks like an ordinary tomato pasta sauce is anything but: enlivened with an intoxicating blend of garlic and herbs, it evenly coats every strand of pasta, making each mouthful one of pure goodness!

Lobster Bisque Pasta ($20.80) presents three crayfish portions in a thick, rich bisque. Beware, it does get a little overpowering and one-dimensional after a while... also, for the price, one would probably expect more generous portions of the crayfish.

Chicken Teriyaki Pasta ($16.80) is the ever popular, crowd pleasing favourite at Miam Miam. Count on it if you want something homely and comforting!

Truffle Chocolate Pancake Creation ($13.80) is an exquisitie dish that showcases handmade chocolate cream (tinged with a little alcohol), velvety and rich truffles, and some caramel drizzle. This is practically chocoalte heaven, fit for any true blue chocoholic.

The gorgeous Mont Blanc Pancake Creation ($13.80) is a real stunner, topped with French Chestnut creme and crunchy almond crumble. Definitely lighter on the palate, don't expect much in terms of flavour from this cream, but it does pair pretty well with the pretty substantial pancake (falling on the denser side of the spectrum rather than light and fluffy).

Embark on the Miam Miam 45 Day Pasta Challenge from 17th August to 30th September; tuck into their original pasta dishes and redeem sure-win prizes! Complete 3 pastas for a free Original Pancake, finish up 6 pastas for a complimentary Pancake Creation, and finally collect all 9 stamps for a Pasta on the house plus a chance in the lucky draw to win a 2D1N hotel stay at RWS!

Miam Miam @ Bugis Junction
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
t: 6837 0301

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11 30am  - 9 45pm
Fri - Sat: 11 30am - 10pm
Sun: 11 30am - 9 45pm

Written and Photographer by Jordan Ong. Jordan finds happiness in the simple: to eat and drink and find satisfaction in all her toil. Besides a deep love for artisan bread, she also has a taste for adventure, activism and anything alternative.

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