BITE: The new date-and-dine app that will find you love (or at least a great meal)

Navigating the dating waters can be enormously intimidating at times, so what better way to lighten the mood than meeting over a meal?

The cross-table interactions, both verbal and non-verbal, are powerful ways of fostering genuine connections between two individuals.

Bonus: When the food is excellent.
But then again, bonding over disastrous meals might just bring foodies/picky eaters together.

Dating apps these days don’t usually encourage you to get off the app and meet in real life, just calling for you to make initial judgements and connections through a screen.

But Bite is a new date-and- dine app that lets you meet new people while eating delicious food, all in one great application. A no-brainer since Singaporeans are thinking about food all the time! Now there’s the added convenience of meeting someone online and fast track to taking them out for a meal! Perfect for foodies like me (and you!)

Download Bite ( now on your Android or Apple device.

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