Pretty and Instagram-worthy desserts in Singapore to satisfy your sweet tooth

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As much as I disapprove of coloured confetti sprinkles and unicorn dusted sweet nothings. The old saying that we eat first with our eyes rings true here. The dash to document your meals (even before physically partaking in it) is a cathartic luxury that I myself indulge in most of the time. Truth be told, it is more nourishing and rewarding (in most cases) as the final product itself.

So here goes nothing, a list of some of the most instagrammable desserts for you hungry, media-centric foodies. Please feel free to gnaw at your screens.

The experimental hipsters of The Lab SG have parlayed their playfulness and imagination into a new halal-certified venture: Sinseh: The Grocery, a fun joint in the Jalan Sultan Precinct. Pastries and confections here are jazzed up with quirky touches to give them an aesthetic edge. Case in point: their Galaxy Donuts, which offers an 'out-of-this-world' taste experience. Here, the banality of coffee and donuts is stripped away with a splash of rainbow colour, edible glitter, brown sugar and sprinkles - all of which will mesmerise any jaded soul. You'll be elated to know that you can customise your own donuts as well. Pre-order through WhatsApp to 9875 7232.

At first glance, Non Entree Desserts is less a dessert shop than it is a gallery of nostalgic edible art, with old school heritage snacks such as Ang Ku Kueh and Tu Tu Kueh lined up in glass display cases. But these confections are really desserts in disguise; Non Entree Desserts styles many of their creations after local snacks and dishes. As novel as many of these heritage offerings are, it is the Matcha Avalanche that is Non Entree Desserts' piece de resistance. Beneath an oozy matcha lava cake dangling precariously over a terrrarium shaped glass containing roasted green tea ice cream, is all but a delicate round of almond nougatine. Break through the base and slip your knife through that tender cake, and you'll most certainly be guarantedd a top-notch snapshot moment.

For drink chasers whose bank accounts are more or less self-replenishing, there's a gleaming gem in the Gotham building that has just opened up to stupendous response. Technically a cocktail bar (and one of the best in the business), we have to give props to Atlas Bar's Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio for bringing in some amazing saccharine offerings to match the realms of pleasure spurred on by the exotic libations.

We guarantee a clash of spoons will happen over the Rubian Sponge Cake. A winsome combination of sponge, mandarin, white chocolate and dried raspberries is given a cosmopolitan twist on the plate. It's also quite the sight to behold, resembling a sexy seductress against soft lighting and marbled counter tops - quite befitting the luxe-looking bar. Dine in, and enjoy your dessert along with a beurre-noisette fuelled Bohemian Aristocrat.

The only thing better than having your morning cup of coffee is this chocolate brownie smothered in a steady stream of warm espresso.

The GWC coffee dessert puts the popular China-based cafe chain's signature blend to spectacular use. They buddy it up with Tahitian vanilla cream chantilly and chocolate soil seasoned with just enough salt to pique the senses. The homemade candy floss is woven like a dream around the macademia nut-studded chocolate bomb, vanishing into thin air when coffee is poured in. Definitely a home-run with coffee fiends.

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  • Tokyo Banana Soft Serve with Signature Mochi Donut | Brother Bird
They're not ones for understatement, the gang at Brother Bird. This is one of Singapore's most gloriously overblown dessert restaurant (over the foodies' Instagram feeds, that is), their coveted moody shadow stained realms on the second floor of their shophouse abode making for mysterious edits.

When you're not chowing down on the salted egg yolk mochi bursts, you should be cradling their newest addition of Tokyo Banana Soft Serve swirled langurously on piping hot and chewy mochi donut. Candied walnuts, banana crisp and vanilla sponge complete the package. It's a dense beast and if you had one every morning, you wouldn't live long, but there are lighter options, including the cookie butter soft serve.

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