Rasa Fiesta Singapura: How we survived a Rum fueled 5-Bar Crawl (Adventure)

Ways to survive a bar crawl. Number one, have an exit strategy.

The odd thing was, there was no need for such a excuse the night of our epic bar crawl organised by Accela.Asia and Destination Beverage in conjunction with Rasa Fiesta Singapura - the rambunctious vitality of the crew (some of whom were already intoxicated at this stage) giving no excuses to wiggle out of the room. Then again, there was the rum.

The festival, Rasa Fiesta Singapura held from the 10th to the 14th July celebrates the beauty of rum and Caribbean lifestyle. If you're breezing through this picture heavy article right at this moment, fret not, you've got one more day/night to catch up on matters. Get your specially crafted cocktails at participating venues such as Bread Street Kitchen, Vasco, Potato Head Folk, Sugarhall, Limehouse and more, the special menu invented to promote their house rum - Abuelo, Appleton Estate, Don Papa, Saint James and Sailor Jerry. Rum fiends, you're in for a treat as participating venues not only create a lure with their unique cocktails but there's also the fine collection of rum that is already stowed away in the back bars of the establishments featured. HELLO Caroni!

We started out our journey at the picturesque decks of Marina Bay Sands where Bread Street Kitchen baited us with their trio of cocktails showcasing the versatility of Saint James Rhum vieuz Agricole. The El Tropical, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and 6th Sense are available at $20 each; the 6th Sense champs the rest in my humble opinion. Rum meets pink guava and coconut in a tropical showdown that's perfect for sipping down by the water. 

Celebrate the free spirited-ness of the Latinos at sultry red-tinted den, Vasco. Start the night with something refreshing on the palate, the Paquiao's Punch ($20++) does the trick, Don Papa Rum is shaken with a fruity mix of mango puree, pineapple, agave, citrus and orange bitters - easy on the palate yet cheeky enough to encourage some form of saucy behavior (like the licking of bare fingers in between spiced lady-finger snacks) at the table. If you're looking for something that leaves a kick, I would implore you to give the Don Plameras ($20++) a shot. Named after the fabulous Shernan Plameras (@Shernanplmrs) who has one of the strongest OOTD game I've ever witnessed on social media, the drink is equally ostentatious, a wild child hidden behind a sophisticated demeanor. Don Papa, Punt E Mas (for a bit or sass), Palo Cortado Sherry and orange bitters come together in a tipple that's best enjoyed by the kindred spirit.

On a separate note altogether, Vasco is celebrating Peru's Independence Day come 29th July by spreading their love for one of the greatest drink exports of Peru's history - The Pisco Sour. Purchase your wristbands at the door from 10th July onwards to enjoy free flow of the iconic drink for just $38++ from 12pm to 1am! I kid you not, rock up anytime of the day and it's like Lily (in How I met your Mother) and "The Kennedy Package". Thank you, Linus.

At Sugarhall, Sailor Jerry has dropped anchor! Rhyse Borland has concocted three smooth criminals in celebration of the festival.
  • Aloha Monkey ($22++)
Rum meets Monkey Shoulder in a friendly banter that's soothed out by Apricot Brandy for a good injection of tropical vibes.

  • In Di Lime Tonight ($22++)
Imagine a grown up version of a banana milkshake, clarified, and balanced with a wee bit of acidity. This is it, the rum weighs in heavily in this sweet concoction that combines fermented banana, salted caramel syrup and lime juice. The dehydrated banana chip balanced preciously across the glass providing resting grounds for salted lime jelly which further accentuates the rich albeit creamy beverage.

  • Sails and Stormy ($22++)
Sailor Jerry + scoop of lime/ginger ice cream + Fermented ginger beer. Say yay! if you're on a holiday and in dire need of an ice cream float.

Boozing up Friday night in a larger group? The perfect solution would be the Five Oceans of Punch...Bowl ($220++).  True story, this was a lovely addition to our libation journal in the course of the bar crawl. It's hard hitting 500ml of spiced rum abolishing any chance of memory in the remaining portion of the journey. Thanks Daniel. Oh yes, another tip for surviving an epic bar crawl would be to pace yourself. What better way than with food? Load up on piping hot empanadas at Vasco, followed by the illustrious Bikini Sandwich ($16) and Corn Bread with Honey Butter ($12) at Sugarhall. You'll be surprised to know that some of these bars do provide good enough grub to fuel any sort of monkey business.

We made a quick pit stop at Potato Head Folk's Studio 1939. Following a mini salivation crisis while traversing across the level 2 quarters, the air thick with burger fumes, we stumbled pass solid dark doors into an elegantly furnished room decked out in plush leather chairs. 

Abuelo is the star of the show here and there's the Centuria Old Fashioned for those who prefer live on the edge, and the Pineapple cooler for those who had to struggle with with the flight of stairs prior to this thirst-quenching experience. The former is a potent mix of Abuelo Centuria, Cigar Syrup and chocolate bitters, the delicate rum given a power booster by its comrades. Do not rush through this one.

This is the point where things get a little bit tricky, unfortunately teleportation devices do not exist yet and you're tasked to manage the perilous journey to Limehouse. With a bit of organised herding, we made a 'smooth' transition into the Caribbean themed lounges of Bago at The Limehouse. The Caribbean Rum Punch ($15 nett), Rum Negroni ($18 nett) and Rum Old Fashioned ($20 nett) awaits as rewards. There is no rest for the wicked and before you know it, you get piled into a cab and whisked off to the next destination, only to wake up slouched in some god-forsaken position on your bed, freaking out about whether you have misplaced your camera. Such is (my) life.

Tonight marks the end of the Rasa Fieta Singapura, but hold up as that's not the end of the jamboree. Come Saturday 15th July, make your way down to Jiak Chuan road for a street party to end off the week of libations! Enjoy your (much deserved) rum drink at the street booth or inside the participating outlets, Lime House and Phat Cat Laundry. Food will be provided by Senor Taco, the jovial establishment spreading more South American hospitality through carnival foods such as their taco pastor with pineapple (pork, chicken), quesadilla, fish ceviche and tacos. All available at $15 nett and only payable via cash, so make sure to pack in those moolahs!

See you tomorrow guys!

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