It's Cake Time!

Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) and nine local bakeries preset It's Cake Time, a campaign comprising nine specially created, tea-inspired cakes. All speciality cakes featured in the collection are delicately made with premium, New Zealand-made Anchor butter and cream.

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Swee Heng: Lavender Earl Grey Cake
As one who always loves the combination of lavender and earl grey. I was beyond thrilled to see the Lavender Earl Grey Cake by Swee Heng. I couldn't wait to try the magic of this household bakery. As  I sunk my teeth into the cake, my initial reaction was one of disappointment as the cake lacked the prominence of lavender nor earl grey. Two bites into the cake and it quickly redeemed itself. What happened next was an explosion of earl grey, which was quickly followed by floral tones of lavender imploding spontaneously. The cake presents itself in layers, like a well put together symphony, first the smooth, rich, cream frosting, then the earl grey and finally the lavender. I surrender to the cake, chewing  in resignation.

D'Pastriez by Bread Fresh: Osmanthus Ondeh Ondeh Cake
The dessert craze of the year has got to be the Ondeh Ondeh and this one by D'Pastriez by Bread Fresh prides itself in the incorporation of Osmanthus. As I worked through the cake layers, what greeted me first was an overwhelming sweetness from the white chocolate and osmanthus jelly, follows by a subtle, roasted one from gula Melaka, and finally concluding with a coconut base. The overwhelming sweetness at first bite just didn't do it for me, an I would go as far as to say that the cake would not be a worthy competitor to the regular ondeh ondeh. Still, it' worth a try for those who are piqued by the combination of white chocolate, gula Melaka and coconut.

Bakery Cuisine: Apple Rose Cake

In a sea of cakes, the Apple Rose Cake quickly caught my eye. Mainly because of its unique ring shape. The cake itself showcases a myriad of textures; the crunchiness from the apple crisps, the ethereal lightness of the sponge cake and the smoothness from the cream frosting. The proportion of cream an cake was balanced with finesse and the apple and rose flavours sang in unison.

Dora Keiki: Strawberry Rose Cake
The Strawberry Rose Cake by Dora Keiki had a distinct rose fragrance with a cream white chocolate frosting. The frosting was sweet with restraint and the tea-infused sponge was extremely moist. Sinking my teeth into the cake was almost like falling on cloud nine. My only complain about the cake would the lack of authentic strawberry flavours; but lovers of rose would definitely find themselves enjoying this one.

The Orange and Lavender Tea Cake by Baker and Cook (featured above) is gluten free. Hipsters scream hurry! Slicing through the cake reveals dense, lavender-infused cake layers with cream cheese and house-made marmalade slathered in between. The marmalade was extremely tart and would serve as a great complement to sponge cakes or as a bread spread, even. However the pairing of the marmalade with the dense cake proved to be a tad too "heavy" for me.

Swissbake: Marigold Secreto

Marigold Secreto by Swissbake is a pleasant twist from the good ole' chocolate cake. An assuming bite into a slice unfolds a strong mango fragrance flecked with crispy bites that present a good contrast of textures.

Mugiya: Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake
Barcook Bakery: Rose Lychee Cake
Rive Gauche: Osmanthus Lychee Mousse Cake
It was a pity that I was "caked out" on the 6 cakes and could not bring myself to try the Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake by Mugiya, Rose Lychee Cake by Barcook Bakery and Osmanthus Lychee Mousse by Rive Gauche. However all nine cakes will be sold in all individual outlets of the nine bakeries from 1 November - 31 December 2017. To add to the festivities, any speciality cake purchased entitles customers to a chance at winning a round trip for four to New Zealand! What are you waiting for, go forth and try some cakes!

Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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