Tsuta Singapore celebrates their first-year anniversary with two brand new ramen offerings

Helmed by Chef Yuki Onishi, Tsuta's flagship outlet in Japan is the world's first Michelin-starred ramen eatery. Its outlet in Singapore at Pacific Plaza has been awarded the Bib Gourmand Award for the 2017 MICHELIN Guide Singapore. In conjunction with Tsuta's first anniversary, Chef has created two duck ramen dishes specially for Singapore that have made available to the public on the 4th November' 17.

The Kamo Paitan Soba ($11) features a bowl of al dente ramen in a slow cooked duck broth, topped with poached duck breast that was similarly slow cooked in shoyu sauce. The duck broth was slightly creamy, extremely flavourful and packed with all the goodness from the premium ingredients used. Definitely slurp worthy, especially considering how no MSG was added! The culinary choice of poaching the duck sealed in all of its goodness while removing any hint of gaminess. The end result is duck meat that is so tender, it requires little effort to chew through. The ramen is topped with bay leaves, crushed roasted cashew nuts and diced yellow onions.

The Kamo Abura Soba ($10) features noodles that are marinated with premium shoyu and duck oil, which is made from scratch by the chef himself, the noodles boasts of a strong umami aftertaste. The noodles are accompanied with a light chicken stock seasoned with a tinge of sea salt to balance out the overwhelming flavours of the noodles. Likewise, the noodles are also topped with poached duck breast, baby leaves, crushed cashew nuts and yellow onion.

I personally prefer the Kamo Abura Soba over the Paitan version mostly because I was smitten by the duck broth. I found myself indulging uncontrollably in the soup spoonful after spoonful in relentless succession. That being said, both ramen choices are definitely worth a try. Visit with a friend so that you can get the best of both worlds; alternatively, if your appetite allows, get both! Also worth a mention are the top-ups you can administer to fancify your meal such as the poached egg for $1.80 and the Duck Wanton for just a mere $1.00. We don't see why not.

Tsuta Ramen
9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza #01-01

Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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