Fat Cow launches new Omakase menus

For the first time in all my Fat Cow experiences, I sat at the sector coined as the 'lounge bar' for my meal and as I must admit that being denied of the mysterious nature of traipsing down the unassuming corridor to enter the gorgeous dining open dining hall, did remove from the novelty of the Japanese steakhouse experience. But then again, I was here for the new Omakase menus with a pronounced shift of focus to the nigiri sushi, hence the change of atmosphere was one that was required and almost mandatory in a sense, that it put the illustrious yearnings of wagyu beef at bay.

All hope is not lost though as the first course to our Omakase Sumire Lunch set ($120) is a very seductive Wagyu Tataki flanked by marinated and cured egg yolk and pickled shiitake mushrooms. It might not sound like much of a bell ringer, but upon first glance at that triumphant thread like marbling through the raw paper-thin like drapes of wagyu speaks in assertive tones, abetted with flakes of sea salt. There will be a innocuous looking bowl of Sea Bream Soup that's clear depths are deceptively robust with flavours of the sea and peppered with tinges of sudachi lime to keep things engaging.

Enamoured, you move on to the plump Irish Oyster bathed in a refreshing soy ponzu dashi and littered with scallions which doesn't hesitate to implode on the palate with creamy intensity. 3 dishes in and the next glass vessel runs the gamut of luxury ingredients with a Wagyu Beef Tartar - textures run on the mushy side with this offering, but construction wise, it was a harmonious melange of flavors from the seaworthy sea urchin to zesty yuzu and conservative sheets of shaved truffle for extra umami.

We concluded the round of appetisers with a conservative Flounder sashimi tinted with the slightest bit of shoyu. You're encouraged to eat it with the accompanying salad of dressed ginger flowers which implement a similar effect to the spicy hits of wasabi.

Red Bream, Uni, Striped Jack, Signature surf & turf, Scallop, Anago/Conger Eel, Tamago
There's romanticism in the dining process as you watch Chef Fukashi Adachi work with meticulous care on each and every morsel that gets delivered to the dish set delicately in front of you. The order so perceptively arranged to inject a stronger narrative into the meal. Out of the enviable selection of nigiri sushi, having a favourite would be akin to choosing a favourite child. However, the Signature Surf and Turf packed with amaebi shrimp, wagyu, uni and salmon roe is the most alluring. I devoured the uni sushi and Aburi Otoro sushi with much enthusiasm - unlike most regular sushi joints, the finishing touches exacerbates the feeling that the sushi here are loved, the additional light grating of lime zest and slight spice arising from yuzu kosho lifting the already excellent product to a state of stardom. Wash it all down with the final Akadashi broth, thickly spiked with red miso and crustacean goodness. You'll hug this bestowed bowl with heartfelt gratitude, as if the love has translated from the chef's hands to fill the voids in your heart.

If you're one to favour an individual treasure trove of a bowl over a omakase meal, I would implore you to give the Fat Cow Premium Donburi ($98) a shot. Your palate would be bombarded by a plethora of luxury ingredients from wagyu steak to uni, caviar, seared foie gras; all set over Japanese rice and bonded by the gentle dissection of a quivering onsen egg. It's a perfect package and I'm especially appreciative for the pulse-quickening slices of beef, each possessing a blackened edge from the binchotan.

Just when you think the restaurant can't outdo itself any further, along comes the Shingen Mochi (aka Japanese raindrop cake) that sets it above the crowd. Sure, it may be fashionable but beyond that, the taste delivers a subtle sweet flavor boosted by kinako and matcha powder that is quintessential in rounding up the epic meal experience.

Fat Cow, for it's well priced menu and unpretentious surrounding bolstered by impeccable service cannot be faulted. However, faced with the challenges of competition from dewier competition, constant menu reinvention and concept overhauls are necessary. Fortunately, they've got something good going on here and I'm certain that both old customers and first timers will be satisfied.

Fat Cow
Camden Medical Centre
1 Orchard Boulevard

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 12 - 3pm; 6- 10 30pm
Fri and Sat: 12 - 3pm; 6 - 11pm

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