RUMOURs has it - from Bali to Singapore

Is it as good as the rumours you've heard?

A popular spot among locals and tourists in Bali, the award-winning Rumours Bar and Grill have finally made their way from Bali to Singapore. And by word of many carnivores, this one might just give your waistline a good reason to reach greater widths.

Any carnivore will find it hard to resist drooling at the sight of this majestic 1.2kg Australian Black Angus Beef. Dealing with a huge slab of beef would mean risking it being overcooked or undercooked. However, this one was cooked sous-vide prior to being grilled, bestowing the meat with a slight char on the outside while maintaining its juiciness on the inside. The meat was lightly seasoned, fully allowing for the integrity of the beef flavor to shine. Sauteed potatoes and roasted vegetables complete the picture. This is a great sharing plate among friends, but could potentially also be a source of contention over who gets dibs on that last bite.

Another sharing plate that Rumours offers is the German platter, filled with several different German styled dishes. A whole Pork Knuckle is served with a homemade Wiener Schnitzel (Veal cutlet) and Bratwurst Pork sausage. It was a shame that the pork knuckle was too heavily salted with a less than crispy skin. To make matters worse, the meat was tough and slightly. To add salt to wounds, the veal cutlet was cold and its thin under seasoned crumb made little impression on the ravenous me. The sausages were normal and did little to salvage the dire situation. Where sharing plates are concerned, the Angus Beef would be the wiser choice.

For those who would like to have their individual portion, the Aglio Olio is my personal favourite. With a substantial amount of chili flakes and garlic incorporated in the cooking, the pasta was fragrant, spicy and rather satisfying. Despite it's humble beginnings, the execution takes centerstage and as a result this would definitely be my go-to order.

Another one of my favourites is the Carbonara. Served with oozy poached egg, bacon and tagliatelle pasta. The cream sauce was rich, substantial and coated each strand of the pasta perfectly.

Those looking for something more premium at an affordable price would be drawn to the Lobster Thermidor, which is essentially a whole Boston Lobster topped with cream cheese sauce. The lobster itself was seasoned with restraint to exemplify its freshness and topped with cream cheese sauce that was torched to add a layer of flavor. 

A good bar would never shy away from serving up a good cheese burger. Rumours serve up their rendition with a homemade patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and crispy old dutch cheese. Biting into the burger reveals the goodness of its simplistic make up. The buns were buttered and grilled giving it slight char at the frills. The patties had the right balance of fat to meat and were utterly juicy. However, the most interesting part of the burger had to be the cheeses done two ways. First in the form of a classic cheddar slice and the other as crispy Dutch cheese which added a nice crunch.

Rumours serve up a variety of cocktails that may prove to be heavier on the sugar front.

Two lovers in one band is as name suggests - two different alcohols presented together. The shot glass was a mix of Baileys, Peach liqueur and grenadine. You can choose to mix the two together or have them separately.

I however preferred the Motif, which bails out medicine in the form of alcohol syringes. Besides the fun factor, it also allows diners to customise the amount of alcohol they would prefer in their drink. I would suggest giving the tipple a good stir during its length to avoid encountering the sugar laden bottoms later.

Rumours Bar and Grill
24A Lor Mambong
t: 6463 5053

Operating Hours:
Daily: 5pm - 1am

Words and photos by Belinda Yong who wishes that every time of the day is food o' clock. She loves trying new cuisines and creations,  and prays hard for a higher metabolism.

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