Apple of my eye

Apple of my eye

Being the drama queen that I usually am, our non-existant meeting on our 2nd yr anniversary blew up into a tragedy of epic proportions beginning with me bursting into tears of frustration as I trudged home from my workplace in the middle of orchard. I told you that I was unable to love in the generosity and enormity in the likes of God's love, I was human after all. Your work commitments and full time dedication to the job left me feeling lonelier than ever. Empty inside, I turn to the alluring comfort of food to fill the deep well inside of me. In the end, I was left feeling satiated but with a struggling heart feeling more neglected than ever. Apparently, there was nowhere else my heart could turn to. I'm still yours.

Happy 2nd year anniversary babe. Guess you can't have things sweet everytime yes?

TWD flaky apple turnovers 006

on a related note, these were the Flaky apple turnovers meant for this week's TWD as chosen by Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen. Mine turned out hideous probably due to the incinerating heat wandering in the kitchen that caused the sour cream dough to be so difficult to manage. Otherwise, the results were pretty good, with the pastry being flaky and tender as guaranteed. Brings me back to the fond memories of my aunt's mince pies at christmas. The simple yet eloquent apple fillings tossed in sugar and cinammon emerged wonderfully soft and aromatic, it's tartness cutting thru the sweet pastry with every bite. LOVE.

TWD flaky apple turnovers 017

yes... and babe, you are still the apple of my eye.

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