Still mad about you

Altitude dining: Jaan par André

After all this time, I still dream about you, still think about you. Still want you and need you by my side.

You're still the one.

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We all had our doubts about this whole setup. The expensive connotations, the chi-chi artful expressions on the plates and most of all wary of the unsatisfactory portions. But as we set down restfully in our chairs with the entire world at our feets, our problems from the previous night dissolved into the thin atmosphere, we tasted value and soul in every morsel meticulously arranged on the plate. The food was beyond expectations, nudged above the bold red line by the gentle thump of the Pouilly Fuisse as it pulsed through our blood veins.

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The meal came off to a good start with the introduction of bread rolls on a silver platter. Free flow, we each had two in a single seating. Ripping thru the crusty exterior into the aromatic tender innards, we savoured each bite with a generous layer of butter. Nothing short of top quality to say the least. Nibbling down the accompanying grissini sticks (in squid ink and parmesan flavors), I felt a tad like a anorexic rabbit, but a very happy one at that. They were flavorsome especially after dipping the the accompanying eggplant dip.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 001

Appetisers soon arrived in fashion. Articulate pieces of art set against white backdrops of their humongous plates. Kudos to the waiters who are able to handle these heavy artifacts with ease. The Tartine de tourteau effiloche (citrus scented stone crab effiloche on ratte potato confit and fresh herbs with lukewarm potato mousse) was undeniably coordinated in terms of taste but varied so much in textural contrast and colors that with every delicate bite (i mean really small since the portions are well controlled), your senses are sent on a whirlwind journey, akin to wine tasting. One slurp of the potato mousse in the middle, and I was sucking down the rest like a baby. so good...

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 011

His Panache De Fruit de Mer was a stunner to look at and combined elements such as edible pansies with mini calamari on toasted brioche with delightful cubes of fish stock jelly scattered all over the plate. Almost arrogant in terms of presentation, it scored a home run with the boy.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 009

Till this point of time, I was beginning to feel that perhaps this experience was much needed to awaken the sleeping beauty of my taste buds and tantalize them once again. It was all worth it. I swirled a bit of the cool and crisp french-bred Pouilly Fuisse in my mouth and swooped it down my throat. Slumping back in my chair, I heaved a sign of contentment. With that, the mains arrived at the table. Once again, my eyes popped at the sight of the colorful plates; Gambas aux Popcorns. I could never deny popcorn, not in a cinema and not even at a high class restaurant. Intrigued by the bold pairing of popcorn with seafood, I was drawn mostly to the crisp yellow components on the dish.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 019

Without a doubt, the course was nothing short of amazing. With a most unglamorous move, I shot the entire ravioli parcel in my mouth, flicked my tongue, and with an audible bang ( only to me), warm sweet corn puree seasoned lightly with salt filled my mouth. The pasta done to perfection had an almost slithery texture to it and was incredible when eaten with the the flood of sweet corn juices. Nonetheless, the pancetta wrapped shrimp achieved star status in my heart, combining the likes of salty crisp pancetta wrapped around a succulent firm prawn.

The Joue de Kurobuta Grille was replaced with a lamb saddle as the kitchen had run out of Kurobuta. This was nonetheless done to perfection. The boyfriend even described the experience as 'teasing a hot babe', and he relished every forkful of the tender flesh with lust.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 022

For desserts, we had the "Tarte au citron" and the Chocolate de la Domaine D'origine. The former retained a structure akin to a carousel ride and did indeed display such fun notions as well. With the inverted commas in place, the kitchen got away with presenting the conventional lemon tart in an unorthodox fashion. Mini churros sticks stood up high held by their thick lemon curd roots. A heap of pink campari- grapefuit granite filled the centre of the plate, providing this provocative hint of bitterness. I wished the churro sticks had been a little crispier with a more generous coating of cinammon sugar ; but that was just me.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 025

The chocolate dessert scored flying colors with the intensely flavored chocolate ganache titilating the palate, the milk marmalade ice cream soothing the heat generated from the intense chemistry and the accompanying vanilla bean dusted wafer providing a much needed textural contrast.

Jaan + tetsu +house of sundance 028

Washed down by the finalement of our coffees, I for once was glad at my choice of restaurant for the special occasion. With impeccable service (aside from the hush-hush tones of the service staff), a stunning view combined with graceful cuisine; I silently wish I could afford to visit the place once in a while. If only for the wallet constraints...

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level 70 swissotel
Reservations: 6837 3322


evan 이벤젤린 said...

you finally went there haha. tot you've always found it too ex. i like the food there, am going back once i save up enough :p

myfoodsirens said...

Wow wow WOW! I'm drooling (very unglam!) over your lunch =) by the way, I like your new layout. Very simple and easy on the eyes.

SiHaN said...

evan: yeh.. finally huh? 2nd year anniversary mah.. worth trying out on such a special occasion. we had 1/2 bottle of wine as well and the bill came up to $230+. haha. insanity.. Must save up damm long till we can go back again. It's really good though. haha.

myfoodsirens: Thanks! yeh.. it is definitely much cleaner than the last one. Feels like it went through a pretty good spring cleaning.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

did u get to meet chef andre chiang? he's darn cute :p

SiHaN said...

evan: pity i didn't. Apparently he didn't like me and my bf very much. I spied other tables having complimentary courses whilst we didn't. boo. so sad lor. But I saw from your photos. indeed.. quite an eyeful. haha.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

what do u mean he didn't like u & yr bf?? r u sure? he's so unassuming leh. don't tell me you guys asked for complimentary stuff? hehe. yea when we were there, we saw other tables having complimentary items also. we had too, but it was just the fizzy orange choc & raspberry lolly at the end of the meal :p

SiHaN said...

evan: omg... asking for complimentary stuff is so low class. haha. moreover it defeats the purpose of being complimentary. we saw other tables having complimentary stuff but we didn't. No complaints anyway as the food was so good. haha.

ratatouille said...

nice post. i haven't got a chance to go there yet.

Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci