Stepping out of our comfort zone

Stepping out of our comfort zone

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It took one last trip to our homestay restaurant Waruku to realise that with it's recent success, has saw a severe dip in quality of it's food. Battered and disappointed mostly with the mediocracy of the food we once hailed excellent. We took flight with nothing more than an awkward sayonara.

And made a move we did. Tetsu, our choice of replacement out of desperation after a major tidal craving for japanese food hit home.

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Like a little boy, the bf excitedly entered the restaurant almost at a little jogging pace. Being the first customers on a sunday, we were greeted with much enthusiasm by all the service staff as we scampered down the long dining coridoors to the open area at the back of the restaurant. With sunlight streaming in from the large window panes, the entire place exuded this spacious airy feel that stimulated the appetite. Hence it didn't take us long after perusing the well-designed menu to make our choice.

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I went ahead with Course A( $35.00), a flurry of assorted dishes that I wished showcased the capabilites of the kitchen all in a nutshell. Kicking start the meal was vegetable sticks in a teacup served with a spicy chilli sauce and glorious creamy japanese mayonaise. This was a refreshing starter and I lapped up the accompanying sauces like a voracious puppy, chomping down on the carrot sticks like a rabbit would.

Next off, the appetisers were plated up. Presented in an sublime artful way, I almost felt a little dainty as I sliced thru the crab meat tofu with the tiny spoon. How rare. The Crab meat tofu was unpretentiously excellent. The soft crabmeat delivering a creamy texture whilst the century egg slices on top providing a slight savoury touch to the quivery tofu. The other appetiser, the Swordfish tataki was again another source for delight. The exterior of the fish inheriting a slight crisp factor after a quick sear on high heat, giving way to it's soft interior that retains a slight pink rawness. Doused in a light vinegarish sauce (ponzu sauce) showered with chives, I took an immediate liking to this course and it certainly did emerge a winner in opening up a ravenous appetite.
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Whilst I was busy nibbling off the exquisite portions of my 6-course meal, the boyfriend's Rosu Katsu in stock set ($26.50) arrived at the table. Presentation wise, it was stupendous, taste-wise, it was a notch higher. With a bit of heat hailing from the pepper flicked onto the crisp crust of the pork slices, I was intoxicated by the tenderness of the flesh and the sweetness of the broth.

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The Sake Harami Sashimi ( $22.00) was certainly of superior quality, the white marbling of fats streaked across the cross section amounting to a fair bit of melt-in-the-mouth delight. The scoring of the skin providing an edge to it's texture and demeanor.

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The next course that enthralled was the Sushi rolls. With a fair bit of soft shellf crab (my guess) stuffed into the visually stunning sushi and encrusted with crunchy sesame seeds. It was a shame I didn't quite take to this one as the roll quickly disintegrated into shattered bites scattered across the plate as one tried to sink my teeth into it like a divider. Perhaps the interior could use a bit of wet binding ingredients to improve on its texture.

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And before you knew it, it was time for the mains. Before the meal, I had opted for the Kushi-tem instead of the Kushi-age as I was curious to find out whether the tempura style here was done any better than that in Waruku. The set entitled me to a total of 5 predetermined sticks, the shrimp, scallop, pork fillet, pumpkin and mushroom. And as I picked up my first stick, the unassuming mushroom, I held my breathe and with a gentle motion, bit through the crunchy exterior. The verdict was out...

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Truth of the matter is, the kushi-tem alone warrants for another visit to Tetsu. The earnest mushroom in itself displaying the quality of the batter and the chef's mastery in heat control and time management. Needless to say, the entourage of sticks were all freaking delicious. With a multitude of sauces for dipping, chilli sauce, jap mayo, white pepper and the usual tentsuya, one was spoilt for choice. Most commedable were the scallop and the pork fillet. The former still fresh and tender despite it's gorgeous battered coating and the latter displaying such a kind tenderness it's tasters.

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And just like a wedding dinner would end, the noodles concluded the meal. This however was a star on it's own rights. The Inaniwa Udon (hot) was unlike anything I've ever tasted before. Lucious and smooth with an almost lady-like posterior, slurping it down was akin to teasing a imposing beauty at a hotel lobby. Now I understand why some people talk about their food as if they are women *nudges Brad*


The last course, invariably dessert was an orange sherbet. Let's just make things clear, this was so beautiful I felt compelled to publish a few more shots. Keeping my boyfriend's hands off the dessert was a challenging affair though, since he had a penchant for tangy icy desserts. This was right up his alley and he basked in it's beauty and it's enlightening flavors with every spoonful.


Almost a little too soon, the boyfriend ordered another round of strawberry sherbet to satisfy his unappeasable appetite. Pretty in pink, it teased, it laughed at all the right times, winked and it left.



Stepping out of our comfort zone into another. Let's just say the score is Tetsu -1 Waruku - 0. You'll certainly see me going back to Tetsu for more.


163 Tanglin Road
#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933

For Reservations :
Tel : (65) 6836 3112


ladyironchef said...

wow sinny take nice photos :) I been to Tetsu five times! my comfort place for Jap food

SiHaN said...

Now it's my comfort place too! hehe.

elaine said...

agree.. i liked their food alot too and will definitely be gg back =D

myfoodsirens said...

I don't know how you feel about goma ice cream but Tetsu's version is my favourite!! =)