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Dubai Mall: Fauchon Cafe

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 074

Dazzling like the great pyramids of Giza in the middle of the desert, so did the stand alone boutique cafe Fauchon in the centre of a certain winglet of the enormous Dubai Mall. Be sure that sitting in the cafe would almost cause a little sense of mystification, perplexity for some, as a quick spin around on the spot would feature a gallery of glamorous outlets with the likes of Versace, Guess, Burberry and many many more.

Thank goodness for the mufffled shopaholic in me, the surrounding distractions were all but a buzzing drone in the background as I laid my eyes on the pastries gleaming from within the clear glass cabinets in Fauchon.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 078

We settled down with our order of 6 delightful pastries. Up till this point, life was bliss.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 077

Then I savoured the chocolate eclair; filled with a soft dark chocolate (70%) cream and dark chocolate glaze and punctated with golden globes, showered with gold dust; Life turned a notch up on the turmoil scale. Tongues in a struggle with the rich flavors experienced. Pity for the slightly dry choux pastry, the cream was revolutionary.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 080

Shifting the plates like a merry-go-round around the gleaming reflective black table top, all of us dug into the desserts, without a tinge of reservation in tow.

Mont Blanc: yet another creation that swept me off my feet with it's tantalizing textural contrast and muted sweetness. A combination of chestnut cream, a crisp french meringue centre with blueberry jam on sable breton. Lovely.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 089

From across the table, the black beauty dappled with crunchy tahitian vanilla meringue beckoned out to me. The Megave with it's smooth dark chocolate (66%) mousse centre was a showstopper with it's clothing of smooth chocolate globules sprayed on by a pistolet. One could certainly run smack into a chocolate ceiling with this dessert.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 081

Not failing my expectations, the pistachio macarons were gorgeous, with a unsickly tinge of green, these beauties held an aromatic scent of nuts. Simply put; one of the best macarons yet. The other greenies to grace the table were the Carremenfraise, featuring a pistachio and orange rind sponge cake sandwiching a bourbon vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. The revelations don't stop coming.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 091

Reaching the end of the entourage, I reached out for the 'gold-plated' carremchoc, determined to savour a bite of the sweet treat depsite my protesting innards. Smooth dark chocolate cream, again... wait a minute, digging into the centre of the dessrt, I stumbled upon the real deal. Crunchy dark chocolate sponge providing a unpredictable nutty crunch to it's rather run-of-the-mill poise.

I kid you not, Fauchon desserts were an endless line of surprises, leaving me with assaulted taste buds and a ringing buzz of euphoria. Suddenly, life emerged a little more than blissful. Almost surreal.

Dubai in 23rd-28th sep 076

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